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How to choose the perfect paint for the kitchen: a pro’s opinion

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the apartment. Housewives spend time here cooking, the family gathers at the dining table, and friends come for dinner. It is important to pay special attention to materials for the kitchen: surfaces are constantly subject to tests by humidity, temperature, and contamination. This is why many people rely on painting the walls. We found out from the experts which paint is best for the kitchen.

Moisture-resistant and vapor-permeable paint

The kitchen is a room with high humidity. Keep this in mind when purchasing paint. Another important characteristic is vapor permeability (the ability of paint to “breathe”): this finish is protected from mold and mildew and is not afraid of moisture. 

Ideal paint should be resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion – then the walls can be washed with various means and sponges.

Warm colors

The kitchen and dining area are used frequently. A smart solution is to use shades that stimulate activity.

These include deep matte orange tones. Does the kitchen face the sunny side? Then you can decorate it in a dark palette – for example, coffee, olive, or terracotta shade.

Universal white

The kitchen is a room with large windows, so white is considered a timeless and universal color for decoration. It allows you to visually expand the space, and with its help, you can create a “canvas” for experiments: play with contrasts with the decor or create accent elements (wall paintings).

Please note: white is perceived differently – if the windows face west, the sun will produce stunning shades.

Find other tips on choosing paint for different rooms, current palettes, and valuable recommendations from experts in our long read – scroll down and learn all about how to create a flawless interior using paint.

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