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How to choose the perfect paint for the hallway: a pro’s opinion

Save useful tips and design a space that is not only stylish but also practical.

Although the hallway is one of the smallest rooms in the apartment, many nuances must be taken into account when decorating it. It is the hallway that sets the mood and creates the first impression of the entire apartment. At the same time, the space is constantly exposed to influence: we use it often, and we bring dirt and slush here from the street.

Many people prefer to paint for the hallway, and this is the right decision. Together with experts, we tell you what to look for when choosing paint so that the interior pleases you and does not lose its attractive appearance.

Focus on durable paints

The hallway is very often exposed to mechanical stress and pollution: all family members change clothes here, and dirt from the street accumulates in the hallway.

The likelihood that the walls will get dirty is much higher than in other rooms. Therefore, the main characteristic when choosing paint is resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. A life hack is to use paints with a matte finish that hides minor irregularities.

Rich tones

The hallway is used constantly, but people spend little time in this area. At the same time, it is the hallway that helps create the mood, so don’t be afraid to use a rich palette in the decoration.

The winning colors are orange, green, or blue. If you have a small hallway with insufficient lighting that needs a visual boost, pay attention to cool grays and blues.

If you want to learn more invaluable tips on choosing paint for different rooms, get acquainted with color trends, and learn everything about paint in the interior, scroll down for a detailed guide, prepared in collaboration with the best experts.

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