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How to choose the perfect bathroom paint: a pro’s opinion

We tell you how to create a stylish and practical space

For finishing bathrooms, many people prefer tiles – this is a really popular and true solution for “wet” areas, but you can always add color to the bathroom with paint. The main thing is to know what to look for when choosing a material. We have collected expert advice that is worth taking into account.

Wear resistance and moisture resistance

Both the bathroom and the toilet are rooms with high humidity. Therefore, I recommend using closed-cell paint that has good wear and moisture resistance, as well as washability.

Vapor-permeable and moisture-resistant paints protect against the formation of fungi, a common problem in bathrooms.

Color sets the mood

Most bathrooms and toilets do not have windows – take this into account when choosing a shade. In compact bathrooms, white will look good: it expands the space visually and allows you to add beautiful color accents.

Want to create a relaxing atmosphere? Then use a deep green or emerald shade. Deep blue will provide a calming effect – it goes well with beige or white.

Complexity of textures

The complexity of textures in design and their correct combination makes any room noble – it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a kitchen or a bathroom. Use natural stone, wood, metal, or matte wall surfaces.

If you are interested in learning how to transform not only the bathroom but also other rooms with paint, scroll down: together with the best experts, we have put together a detailed guide on choosing and using paint that will help you create the most stylish interiors.

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