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How to choose home interior decoration that will last forever

We tell you what materials to use to forget about repairs for a long time

The cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your new home largely depends on which interior decoration option you choose. Nobody wants to redo renovations every few years, so this issue needs to be approached with care. Wood, paint, wallpaper – we’ll tell you which is best.

Wall decoration

It is important to understand that houses are built using different technologies and from different materials. To decorate the interior of a wooden chalet you will need some materials, but for a brick cottage – completely different ones. Nevertheless, we will try to analyze the most popular options.

Natural wood

In houses built from logs and timber, the choice of finishing is not very large, because the walls inside are already wooden. All that remains is to caulk them, insulate them, and treat them with an antiseptic, varnish, or paint – this is necessary to prevent the appearance of pests, mold, and rot.

If the house is built using frame technology, interior decoration made of wood will give it reliability, warmth, and comfort. Which facings are suitable:

  • thin cladding board (lining);
  • imitation timber;
  • block house.

Lining is an inexpensive and high-quality cladding board with a good service life. To make the clapboard finish last longer, choose class “A” and “Extra” slats – they boast excellent quality. The front side of the lamellas has a smooth surface, without any signs of damage. We recommend covering the finished surface with high-quality, durable paint or varnish – then you will forget about repairs for many years.

Imitation timber is a thin panel made from solid wood. Due to the chamfers during installation, they create an imitation of a wall built from timber. The plates have a thickness of about 12-20 mm, and the width can vary from 110 to 185 mm. For a more durable finish, take larch: with proper care,  imitation timber from it does not transform, does not rot, and does not dry out. 

Another durable material that imitates a wooden wall is a block house. The room, decorated with a block house, looks unusual, like a real wooden house. The material is heavy, so it is used only on walls. But for long service life and a beautiful appearance, it is important to accurately trim corners and adjust joints – only a professional can handle this.


A simple and popular material for interior wall decoration is water-based or polymer-based paint. It can be easily updated and restored. You can paint on wood or on a previously prepared surface – for example, brick walls need to be plastered, and walls made of foam blocks can be covered with gypsum board.

For rooms where high humidity and temperature changes are expected, take acrylic, latex, or silicone paint. Water-based paint is suitable for a bedroom or living room. 


Modern types of wallpaper are an excellent option for decorating the walls of a country house or cottage, even if the walls are not perfectly smooth. Choose dense textured fabrics that will help hide imperfections. For example, non-woven wallpaper can withstand changes in temperature and humidity; they are not afraid of frost, heat, and temperature changes. Double-layer vinyl-coated non-woven fabrics are an ideal choice for rooms that are poorly ventilated and where there is a risk of mold, but it is better to avoid paper wallpaper – it can peel off, swell or ripple.


When choosing flooring for a country house, it is important to consider the purpose of the room and the functional load on it. Of course, in the hallway area, you will need tiles that are more durable and easy to clean – it’s not scary if snow from your boots melts on it. And for the living area, you can choose something warmer and tactilely pleasant.

Buying high-quality materials for your garden and home while sitting on a cozy chair is not a dream, but a reality.

Wooden plank

The leaders in wear resistance are oak and teak. Teak is great for wet areas, such as a bathroom – this wood does not react to moisture. Oak flooring is not only a timeless classic, but also an indestructible coating. But it is better to avoid boards made of pine and larch, which are used mainly for walls and ceilings. Any dent will be visible on them. 

Quartz vinyl

Quartz vinyl perfectly imitates wood. But in terms of wear resistance, it is not inferior to tiles. The material can withstand everything: animal claws, broken dishes, and impacts from heavy objects – not a scratch will remain on the surface. The coating is indifferent to moisture, so it can even be used in the bathroom.


Laminate is resistant to abrasion and damage – the higher its class, the higher its wear resistance. Take class 33 – you won’t go wrong. This coating also withstands temperature changes. Due to this, it can last up to 15 years with proper installation.

Porcelain tiles

Due to the granite in its composition, this material is practically indestructible. Properly laid porcelain tiles are not afraid of water and temperature changes, do not crack, and can last for decades. However, the surface of porcelain stoneware is cold, so it is better to install a warm floor.

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