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How to choose a computer chair for your home: a detailed checklist

Upholstery, pneumatic cylinder, base – we tell you what to look for when choosing a computer chair for an adult and a child.

Just imagine: we spend almost a third of the day, about 8-10 hours, at the computer. And it is so important to choose comfortable furniture. An uncomfortable sitting position not only causes fatigue, but also puts a lot of strain on the back, and can lead to health problems in the future. We’ll tell you how to choose a computer chair for your home so that you feel comfortable sitting on it.

Important parameters when choosing a chair

Before you start choosing a work chair, you should understand whether you really need it. If you spend up to three hours a day at the computer, you can use anything, even a bar stool. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

If you are at your desk for more than three hours a day, you cannot do without special furniture that can be adjusted and customized. At the same time, professional seats come in several types. A lightweight option – for those who sit at a computer for up to five hours a day and a professional one – for designers, freelancers, and everyone who works from home, that is, is at a desk for up to ten hours.

When thinking about the question of which computer chair to choose, you probably paid attention to how different products even within the same price segment differ. Some manufacturers pay more attention to the structural component, others to design. To find a balance between price and quality, it is worth considering all the characteristics.


The material that covers the seat and back is not only about style and design but also about the durability of the product. There are several finishing options.

  • Leather. The most expensive, but also the most wear-resistant material. Eco-friendly, safe, hypoallergenic, and comfortable, it comes in regular finishes and in the luxury segment. The first type is rougher and can withstand almost any physical impact. The second one is much more delicate, but softer and, of course, looks more luxurious.
  • Faux leather. Significantly cheaper than its natural counterpart. Produced on the basis of polyurethane – eco-leather and PVC. Eco-leather is softer, more resistant to external influences, has water-repellent properties, and is not susceptible to cracking. PVC-based leatherette, despite its wear resistance, often cracks at bends and does not conduct moisture. 
  • Textile. It can be natural or artificial, made from polymers and plastic. The main advantage of fabric upholstery is a comfortable feeling at any temperature at home, which is especially important in the heat. The fabric is quite difficult to care for; spilled juices and any liquids will require immediate removal.
  • Acrylic mesh. Lightweight and elastic material with high strength. 
  • Elastomer. A relatively new material, soft and elastic, feels similar to rubber.


The base takes the entire load. The most durable are those made of aluminum and silumin. As a rule, luxury furniture manufacturers use metal crosspieces. Such products can withstand loads of up to 100-130 kg.

In mid-price segment models, plastic parts are more common. But be careful: this is a vulnerable part of the structure; it breaks quite often. However, in general, the repair is inexpensive. The maximum weight that a chair with a plastic cross can withstand is 70-80 kg.

Pneumatic cylinder

There is a steel cylinder at the base of the structure, which allows you to adjust the height of the chair. There are four quality categories. Which computer chair should I buy? The most reliable is with gas lift of the fourth category.


Not always found. They can connect the backrest to the seat or be attached only to the seat, in some cases, they can be removed completely. In addition, many models allow you to adjust the height and tilt of the armrests.

We recommend taking a closer look at models with armrests – this is a convenient detail that will allow you to relax while leaning back. By the way, the most relaxed position is considered to be one in which the angle of flexion of the arm is from 90 to 120 degrees.


Most manufacturers offer designs with plastic or rubber wheels. The choice here is quite simple: if you want to place the chair on a carpet or carpet, or any soft fleecy surface, plastic wheels will do. Rubberized ones are best used on hard floors: parquet or laminate, they will not scratch the surface.

If the model you like comes with hard wheels and the floor is hard, you can lay a small rug under it.

Width and depth

The easiest way to take into account dimensions in practice is to simply try the article you like in action – sit in it. Another question: how to choose a computer chair on the Internet. Consider these tips.

  • Based on the width of the backrest and seat, all designs can be divided into narrow (up to 55 cm), medium – from 55 cm to 60 cm and wide – from 60 cm. To find yours, measure the half-circumference of your hips, it will be equal to the width of the seat.
  • In terms of depth, products are also shallow – up to 60 cm, medium – from 60 cm to 70 cm, and deep – from 70 cm. The depth of the seat should be two-thirds of the length of the thigh. It is not advisable to sit deeper, since this is the position that is considered optimal for the load on the back. 
  • To calculate the depth, simply measure from your kneecap to about the middle of your buttock.

Please note that the executive chairs are initially intended to be slightly wider and deeper than regular ones. So that you have the opportunity to lean back and stretch your legs.


The concept of ergonomics includes everything that makes furniture pleasant to use – various mechanisms for adjusting heights, swinging, and the presence of additional parts. For example, a headrest will relieve stress from the cervical vertebrae and add comfort during long, monotonous work. A roller under the hips will ensure the correct position of the body.

Types of body posture adjustments

  • The pneumatic cylinder is the simplest mechanism for adjusting the height. Simply press the valve under the seat. Installed in budget models.
  • The spring-screw type is responsible for the height and angle of the backrest.
  • The top gun allows you to tilt the chair almost to a reclining position. But it is found in expensive series.

Ergonomic chairs are produced with two types of systems: multiblock and synchronous. They allow you to take into account the individual characteristics of the person sitting and adapt to his shape.

Tips for choosing a child seat

Today, more than half of children have posture problems, including due to incorrect sitting posture. We tell you how to choose a children’s computer chair for a schoolchild.

  1. The orthopedic curved back, up to the shoulder blades, is the key to good posture. 
  2. Unlike furniture for adults, it is preferable for a teenager to buy a product without armrests. Then he will not have a chance to lean on the pen while writing, and he will keep his back straight.
  3. The bend of the leg when sitting should be about 90 degrees. For convenience, choose adjustable models, so it will be easier to increase the height as the child grows. In extreme cases, you can use a footrest.
  4. The ergonomic shape of the seat is also important. It is designed in such a way that children cannot sit on the edge; they are forced to sit down completely, resting on the back. This ensures correct posture.
  5. Sitting in an orthopedic chair for a long time is quite difficult, especially for children. After a short time, the child will want to relax and, most likely, he will begin to rock. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at products with a rocking mechanism, otherwise, your chair will simply break the structure with constant vibrations over time.

How to choose a gaming computer chair

Gamers, especially professional ones, know how important comfort and convenience are during the game. A special gaming chair will help provide them properly.

The main difference is the design. As a rule, these are futuristic models reminiscent of a car or airplane seat. They are made of dark leather or substitute leather with bright inserts.

Functional differences include additional mechanisms and support for the legs and head, but often a simplified position of the backrest.

Is it worth choosing orthopedic models? It all depends on how much time you spend at the computer. Of course, for those who spend at least 8 hours working and playing at home, it makes sense to consider orthopedic furniture.

How to care

In order for the furniture to last for a long time, it must be periodically cleaned of dust, and monitored the operation of all components.

  1. Leather needs to be treated with special creams and products to remove stains and grease. Regular detergents can be harmful.
  2. The leather and substitute should not be rubbed vigorously; dust or deposits can be removed with a soft cloth. 
  3. Please pay close attention to the maximum weight stated in the operating instructions. You should not experiment and exceed this figure. For the same reason, it is not recommended to stand on such a chair. 
  4. Do not sit on the seat in wet clothes, otherwise,, salt stains will appear on the upholstery. You can remove them using a weak vinegar solution, gently moistening a rag with it. But first, be sure to test its effectiveness in a small area out of sight.
  5. It is not recommended to keep a seat with leather upholstery near heaters or place it in direct sunlight.
  6. Periodically wipe off dust from plastic parts with a damp cloth.
  7. If the structure contains wood, you can purchase a special polish for this material. It will not only remove grease stains and fingerprints but also make the surface shiny.

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