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How to arrange furniture in the living room: simple instructions and 70+ photo ideas

The living room in the house today is like a universal soldier – it can do anything. We break habits and furnish the room beautifully and usefully.

Planning the arrangement of furniture

Sometimes a typical room combines a lot of useful areas: an office, a playroom, a bedroom, and a dining room… How do not forget that this is, first of all, a cozy space with a beautiful interior? We have collected useful ideas on how to furnish a living room.

Three main ways to decorate your interior

There are a great many options for zoning the most important room in the house, but there are three pillars on which the modern design of almost any space rests. No matter how much most of us experiment, in 90% of cases we still end up with these methods.


The mirror arrangement is ideal for an interior in a calm, classic style with restrained decor, laconic shapes, and soft colors. In this method, the main thing is to determine what will be the so-called center-forming thing: sometimes it is a fireplace, sometimes a TV, a picture, or a bookcase. Then everything is simple – all the furniture is placed at an equal distance from each other from this object. Ideal design for a square or rectangular room.


There are no instructions or rules here; you can arrange objects as you please. The main requirement is that the end result is a harmonious picture. You are allowed to choose items of various sizes, and combine prints and styles. The method is good for a space of any size, but only if you have good geometric vision and a subtle sense of taste.


Another very popular design option. Items are placed around a round pouf or small side table. An arrangement around a ceiling light is also possible.

How to arrange an irregularly shaped living room


One of the most popular forms of the living room. It has been customary for some reason to place everything along the longest wall. It is believed that this saves more free space. Instead, we get a very narrow “path” in the middle and a completely irregular shape of the room. The best way to arrange furniture here is asymmetrical. Place your bets on small items. Let’s say two couches instead of one large sofa. This will make the space seem more spacious. And don’t forget about functionality when choosing your decor.


It is ideal to visually divide such a room into two parts – for example, a playroom and a study area, a reading corner, and a sofa area, or a combined dining room and kitchen. In addition, there is another way to achieve the ideal square shape of the room – to place a cabinet or shelving unit opposite the wall with a window.


Modern buildings are replete with a variety of forms of residential premises: triangular, round, and semicircular layouts have long become our reality. The main nuance that arises when decorating such an interior is the choice of the same non-standard furniture. In chain stores, the assortment does not always satisfy needs, so you need to be prepared for the fact that some of the furniture will have to be made to order.

How to arrange furniture in the living room: 6 useful tips

1. Prepare a layout plan

It is much more convenient and easier to arrange everything on paper than to rearrange weights from corner to corner in reality. Sketch out a diagram of how the whole environment will look, don’t forget to indicate opening doors and folding sofas, armchairs, and tables, to see if there is enough space. Be sure to take into account the electrical wiring, and location of sockets and switches: then you won’t have to run wires everywhere or try to reach the switch behind the cabinet.

2. Define functions

As we have already said, today the interior, as a rule, combines many useful areas. It is important to determine which ones you have. If you often meet with friends – set up a cozy sofa group , often take work home – leave space for a desk and a couple of shelves, if you like to read – provide a bookcase and an armchair with a floor lamp. The main thing at this stage is to do it not because “everyone does,” but because it will be convenient for you.

3. Consider the size   

In rooms with modest areas, pros advise placing mismatched items in random order. This way you will achieve a multifaceted interior that will not only look beautiful but also hide the lack of space. In general, the rules of composition say that it is better not to place bulky objects in a small room  – this will visually reduce it even more. But if a roomy sofa is your dream, and the dining room doesn’t look right without a large table, try placing them away from the window or door.

4. Don’t fill the walls to the ceiling. 

A bohemian, relaxed space can easily be created —that’s what the designers think. It is important to take into account the mood. And to make it more “idle”, you should not build structures with mezzanines up to the ceiling near the walls. Yes, this arrangement of furniture in the living room will help you remove all unnecessary things. Along with the air in the interior. Plan the storage system in your apartment or private house in advance so that you can avoid complex tall cabinets.

5. Use ergonomic items

If there is an opportunity to save space, why not take advantage of it? Considering that the functionality will not be affected in any way. Choose compact objects, for example, instead of a classic rectangular desk, place a corner desk in your work area – this way you use empty space. Planning a bar area? There is no need to cover everything with a counter or an additional table – expand the window sill and the place is ready!

6. Listen to yourself

What would you like to see in your home? After all, a house is a reflection of the life of the owners; there is no point in decorating a room like a carbon copy, like a neighbor or relative. Perhaps you don’t need upholstered furniture at all, or are a couple of soft bean bags enough? Instead of a TV, would you prefer an aquarium or your favorite painting? All in your hands! Look for inspiration in photos of projects of famous designers, and break the usual attitudes. Use your imagination and think about what the place will look like when you want to return after a busy day, where you will feel comfortable relaxing and have fun spending your leisure time. Did you come up with it? Then take action!

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