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How to arrange a schoolchild’s room: ideas + tips

Together with expert Maria Lazic, director of the Maryart design studio, we’ll tell you what is important to pay attention to when arranging a schoolchild’s room.

For preschoolers and primary school children, first of all, you need to choose the right workplace and bed. Children spend a lot of time studying and doing homework, so it is very important for them to get quality rest and sleep at night.

1. Desk

There is simply a huge variety of different options for desks for schoolchildren in stores. Among them are monolithic structures with adjustable height and angle of inclination of the tabletop relative to the sitting child. The second option is very convenient since the table supports can be set to a certain level depending on the student’s height.

In addition, this is a very economical option because it can be used by several children at the same time. For example, if there are two children of different ages in a family, then the desk can easily be adjusted to suit each one.

For a preschooler, the most ordinary desk and chair, which will correspond to his height, are quite suitable. Here he will be able to read, play, draw, and do his homework.

You can add additional shelves, racks, or drawers to your desk. You can also attach a backpack hook to the side of the desk and organize a footrest.

2. Lighting

An important point in organizing a workplace for a schoolchild is lighting. The desk should be positioned so that daylight from the window falls on the tabletop on the left if the child is right-handed, and on the right if the child is left-handed.

The ideal solution would be to place the desktop along the window. All that remains is to add a little artificial lighting in the form of a pair of lamps to create comfortable conditions in the evening.

3. Chair

Don’t forget about the importance of the chair. Choose a suitable model with adjustable height and an anatomical back that will support the natural curve of the spine. We do not recommend chair models with armrests, because they can harm the child’s posture.

4. Bed

For your child’s bed, choose a safe body material – it can be wood, MDF, veneer, or metal. Also pay attention to the quality of the mattress: it, like an orthopedic pillow, directly affects the quality of sleep.

Also, for a comfortable sleep, we recommend hanging thick textiles with a blackout effect on the windows. There are also smart alarm clocks that simulate the warm light of dawn in the morning. Such gadgets can easily help children transition from rest to study.

5. Wardrobe

When a child goes to school, his wardrobe increases significantly. Not only school uniforms are added, but also sports uniforms, equipment, and several pairs of shoes. For these purposes, you need a convenient, spacious closet, a place for which must be provided in advance in the nursery. Complete its equipment with side or hanging shelves, racks for books, and various small items.

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