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How to achieve minimalism in a small apartment: 7 smart solutions

Focus on a hidden storage system, place accents using color, and textures, and select the right textiles so that the small apartment is designed in the spirit of minimalism.

1. Build an interior around a storage system

The basis of minimalism is clear lines that are not disturbed by foreign objects. That is why it seems that in a small apartment, it is impossible to follow this direction – there are a lot of things, but not enough space and forced external storage spoils the whole picture. Therefore, when planning your interior, start with storage systems.

In the kitchen, this will be a set with a lower and upper line of cabinets. Moreover, it is better to make the upper cabinets high, close to the ceiling. A light-colored set looks better in a small kitchen. If it is well-lit, you can try a cool glossy option. Handles should either be as inconspicuous and hidden as possible or replaced with push mechanisms.

The bedroom and living room also need a voluminous wardrobe, which, due to the color of the walls and the lack of decor, will not overload the space.

2. Accentuate color or texture 

Any interior, even minimalism, needs accents, otherwise, it will turn out uninteresting and faceless. In a small space, use an interesting material texture or color, but not patterns or complex compositions with many accessories. Try to draw a single semantic line through the entire apartment using color, for example, if you like rich yellow, put a couple of chairs in the kitchen, one chair in the living room, hang curtains in the bedroom, install taps in the bathroom. This will unite the entire interior of the apartment and create the feeling that a designer worked on it.

3. Choose clear lines

When choosing furniture, avoid roundings, protrusions, and other decorations. The simpler and clearer the lines, the easier it is to achieve minimalism and not visually overload a small room. When choosing armchairs and sofas, look for models with legs. Pay attention to forged beds or options with the simplest possible shape, if possible – without drawers at the bottom, the interior will significantly benefit from this. Also, do not forget about shelves with a minimum of decor on them.

4. Choose plain textiles

Textiles are the easiest way to add accents to your interior, and they will help create a feeling of minimalism in a small room. Choose plain, calm curtains, upholstery and pillows, bed linen, and carpet. Ideally, they should be in the same color scheme.

5. Get rid of floor-length curtains

A win-win technique that works both to create minimalism and to visually enlarge a small room is to get rid of long textile floor-length curtains. Instead, hang blinds, roller blinds, or Roman blinds.

6. Don’t give up on accessories

It seems that when creating minimalism, especially in a small apartment, you need to completely abandon accessories. This is not true, because without them it will not be possible to create a thoughtful and complete interior. One or two posters and one prominent potted plant are the icing on the cake and make the space lively and interesting.

7. Think about compact combinations

Minimalism assumes that there is a lot of space left unfilled with furniture in the room. To achieve this in small rooms, you will have to learn how to arrange different zones like pieces of a puzzle, achieving comfort and conciseness. Modular solutions will help with this. For example, in a child’s room, you can install a bed above the work area. 

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