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How not to: It`s time to forget these outdated design techniques

Are you planning a small renovation? Minimalism talks about once-popular design solutions that are inappropriate in a modern interior.

Tastes could not be discussed?

It is easy to call the interior non-modern, far from the photographs in magazines. At the same time, designers believe that individual preferences should not depend on trends. Therefore, if you do not like Scandinavian minimalism, feel free to decorate the living room in the Provence or country style, if only the residents were comfortable in it. Modern interiors can be made in any style, but it is important to avoid outdated solutions. If there are anti-trends from our list in the interior, update the interior or make cosmetic repairs.

Ostentatious luxury

Having survived the 90s, people were able to bring variety to life and decorate richer homes. Today, stucco moldings, gilded massive chandeliers and frames, heavy fabrics, and elaborate furniture can look appropriate in a huge apartment or a country house. They are not suitable for typical small apartments. The Empire style, pompous classics, and baroque that appeared in the post-Soviet countries space are better left for the interior of palaces and museums. Showy luxury is bad manners; instead, designers choose practicality and moderation.

Interior around the TV

The TV wall used to be the main piece of furniture in the living room. The emphasis on the TV zone made it necessary to decorate the rest of the space, proceeding from this. Nowadays, many have given up on a large TV in the center of the apartment, preferring to use personal laptops or turn on films on a projector. Modern technology does not require a lot of space: plasma panels are made as narrow as possible and hung directly on the wall. Now designers do not allocate an area for TV: this is tantamount to framing a teapot in a frame on a pedestal. Rather, on the contrary – the panel remains as invisible as possible, sometimes it is located on a dark, matte wall, with which it merges.

Multilayer window textiles

Curtains, tulle, tie-backs, and fringes are a thing of the past. Please note that this only applies to textiles on the windows, the bed and upholstered furniture can be decorated with various fabrics, pillows, and rugs. Instead of ruffles and lambrequins, choose light translucent fabrics for the living room, plain blackout curtains, and roman blinds for the bedroom. Natural materials are especially popular: thick cotton and linen. Prints are not excluded, but they should not be photo curtains with a picture on the whole wall or a symmetrical small drawing. In addition, the pompous design not only ages the space but also visually eats up the area. A bonus of modern decor is the ease of cleaning: light curtains are easier to wash in a typewriter.

Tiered ceilings

For a long time, it was considered extremely fashionable to make intricate transitions on ceilings with built-in lighting. They were decorated with paintings, prints, and colorful materials. Plasterboard structures remained in the 2000s as an irrational and meaningless design. Now, this is an anti-trend, it is better to keep the ceiling simple and smooth. A smooth surface is ideal for any room, regardless of the material chosen. The ceiling can be of any color, with built-in lamps or stylish pendant chandeliers. Even a plastered and painted plain surface looks more modern than the recesses and tiers above your head.

Abundance of ethnicity

If you are decorating a house or apartment in boho-chic style, it is worth observing the measure so as not to litter the space with a variety of elements. Ethnic motives in the interior become popular from time to time. Now it is Mediterranean style and Japanese minimalism, but definitely not Arabian pretentiousness. Leave Indian luxury to yoga studios and themed shops and restaurants. And if you like the elements of this culture, it will be enough to bring them in part – in the color of the walls, original unusual furniture, or prints on the bedspread and pillows. This addition will suit most modern styles, including loft and high-tech, without looking ridiculous.

Many small rooms

If you bought a new building with an open plan, give preference to space zoning. Blank walls with doors are good only when there are many people in the family, each of whom needs a separate personal space. The same goes for locked cabinets and closets. A wide space is considered trendy, in which the kitchen passes into the living room, and then into the bedroom area. There is no need to leave all rooms open: the designers use partitions, sliding barn doors, and curtains. For storage, functional solutions are suitable: built-in hidden cabinets in the walls, under the bed, on the podium, or under the windowsill.

Bright kitchens

Appearing in the 2000s, these headsets have replaced the massive wooden cabinets of the classic style. Smooth surfaces remain in vogue, but designers suggest moving away from overly vibrant colors. Instead of orange, red, and acid-green shades, choose a kitchen that fits into the main space of the room, and does not look like a foreign stain. Nowadays, it is customary to integrate furniture into the wall, paying attention to built-in appliances; so that the refrigerator and dishwasher are located behind the doors of a cabinet that is indistinguishable from the rest. The trend is the absence of the upper row of cabinets; instead of them, open shelves are often used in the interior, and it is better to refuse 3D pictures on the apron.

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