How a Danish family decorated their house for the Christmas

The house of 200 square meters in the small town of Glamsbjerg in Denmark belongs to the spouses’ Pia and Stefanos. As in any family with schoolchildren – and there are three of them in the family – preparing the house for the Christmas holidays turns into a tradition and a real ritual, exciting and responsible. 

Despite the fact that the work of the heads of the family has nothing to do with the design and decor of the interior, in their house you can see a couple of interesting solutions for your own festive interior.

Pia usually leads the house’s Christmas makeover. Long before the spruce appears in the living room or in the dining room, the hostess lays out spruce branches on tables and windowsills, hangs white Christmas stars – echoes of memories from Pia’s childhood. And he takes out curly molds for festive baking: the approach of Christmas and New Year in this family cannot be imagined without the aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies.

Pia takes a down-to-earth approach to Christmas tree decorations, like the rest of the holiday decor. “Everything should overlap with the existing home environment,” the woman thinks, and it’s hard to disagree with her. The colors of the toys and lights that Pia and the children hung on the tree can be found in the shades of carpets, furniture, and textiles in the house. 

Like most of the inhabitants of northern Europe, the house was decorated with a bias in Scandinavian minimalism. However, Pia added some bright details to please Stefanos: Pia’s husband is Italian, and in Italy, they are used to decorating their homes more expressively. Therefore, bright shades of burgundy, pink, and gold appeared in the interior. And even in spite of such a contrasting decor, it turned out great.  

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