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House with concrete facade in India

A house with a dynamic sculptural facade in a quiet area of ​​Punjab is a project of the Indian Studio Ardete. For its unusual appearance, it received the name Ribbon House – the concrete tape seems to go around it around the entire perimeter. The creators wanted to emphasize their innovative approach and rethink the architectural language of this region.

The building occupies a plot of 344 sq. meters. It not only diversifies the landscape of the area but also reflects the aspirations of its inhabitants. According to the architects, their design is a tribute to the client’s profession in the construction industry, which has been associated with a variety of projects of various sizes and is a tangible reminder of his career. The design of the Ribbon House is inspired by the natural contours of nature. It harmoniously combines smooth lines, reminiscent of a softly laid ribbon that elegantly encircles the entire structure. The façade, made mostly of concrete, gives energy, a sense of movement, and vitality to the exterior of the building.

The interaction between concrete and structural elements is reminiscent of the relationship between liquid and solid as if they form a living organism. The overall volume of the structure is divided by subtle curves, a sufficient amount of natural light penetrates inside, and the house has an impression of openness. This shape promotes sufficient air circulation and ventilation. In addition, the protruding concrete volumes create a shadow for the openings, giving the facade a special style.

At the entrance to the house, residents or guests are greeted by a spiral staircase. It seems that she is floating inside the structure. Steps connect the different floors of the house, gradually unfolding as you go up – their structure encourages you to explore the house. The villa is arranged in such a way that a person is always invited to discover niches and unexpected corners. On the other hand, the architects of Studio Ardete have strategically chosen a calm, no-nonsense environment to highlight the unique elements that distinguish each room.

This is a great illustration of how experimenting with a material can lead to spectacular results. The interiors are decorated in a calm, minimalist style to highlight the structural elements. Ribbon House is an artistic attempt to create a place that embodies the honesty of concrete. It is a dynamic reflection of how the material can be used.

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