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Graphic tropics: 11 accessories in black and white

The tropical theme, popular for several years now, has received a monochrome interpretation in the new season.

Masterfully executed black and white sketches of lush vegetation, birds, and animals adorn the collections of textiles, wallpaper, and home decor, and the main “conquerors” of the wild jungle are figures of monkeys made of polymer resin with torch lamps in their hands.

1. Pineapple Royale fabrics from the Art of Garden collection with pineapple designs

2. Washable photo wallpaper The Wild is made of non-woven fabric

3. Lamps from the Monkey collection (design: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba)

4. Printed Cushion Covers

5. Philo lamp, whose design is inspired by the philodendron plant

6. Cotton “Butterfly” bed linen

7. Tropical Mornings wallpaper (design by Francesca Besso)

8. Black palm tea towels

9. Photo wallpaper Climbing White (design ─ Smooth Life)

10. Decorative pillow Talia Pineapple

11. Jungle wallpaper (design by Tiphaine De Bodman)

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