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Frameless furniture: pros, cons, and options for use in an apartment

We tell you how comfortable and safe frameless furniture is. If you are thinking about purchasing it, this is the place for you.

The advantages of frameless chairs and sofas

1. Convenience

Such furniture takes the shape of the body and envelops it. Some compare the feeling to falling into an elastic cloud. Therefore, the muscles relax, and rest and the person feels comfortable. 

2. Security

This factor makes frameless items ideal for children’s rooms – no corners, thin unstable legs, or hard surfaces. And they will not turn over and fall on the child. 

3. Lightness

Even a large sofa can be moved alone because it will not weigh too much. Even a child can move a chair, pouf, or mini-sofa. 

4. They are easy to care for

As a rule, armchairs and sofas without a frame consist of a filler and a cover. The material of the cover can be denim, tarpaulin, jacquard, or eco-leather. Less often – satin and genuine leather. Inside there are polystyrene foam balls that retain heat.

The cover is removable and can be washed. The balls need to be replaced, but the material, despite the difficult-to-pronounce name, rarely causes allergies. It is enough to regularly vacuum objects from dust, and then there will be no problems with operation. 

5. Furniture items can be repaired

For example, the same cover is not difficult to sew up – it is removable, and there will be no problems with that. And the filler is easy to replace. Moreover, it is recommended to do this after 1-1.5 years of operation. 

Disadvantages of frameless models

1. The filler needs to be replaced

Yes, we mentioned this in the pros, but for some, the need to regularly update the filler is a significant drawback. With high-quality frame furniture, the filler can remain unchanged for 5-10 years. 

2. May be harmful to health in some cases

If you have problems with your back and musculoskeletal system, only frame seats are recommended. But soft ones can do harm.

3. Probably not suitable for older people

The lack of a rigid frame can be a hindrance – after all, it’s easy to sit on a soft chair, but not at all easy to stand up. Especially if you have sore legs, it is difficult to control your body or the person is overweight. This also applies to older people. 

Where and how is it appropriate to use frameless models?

1. In the nursery

Definitely, a children’s room is a place to use upholstered furniture without a base. First of all, it is safe. Secondly, it is multifunctional: if a child wants to jump out of bed or exercise on a Swedish wall, upholstered furniture can always be used instead of a mattress pad. And thirdly, the child will be able to move himself if necessary; even a little independence is good and useful for the development of the baby. 

2. In the relaxation zone

On a balcony, in a room, on a terrace in a private house – wherever you need to create a relaxed atmosphere, a frameless chair is what you need. 

3. In the living room or bedroom

Who said that frameless furniture cannot replace conventional furniture? If a certain interior style is chosen, for example, loft, then it will fit perfectly into the design. 

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