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Fashionable interiors in 2023

Seven main trends in the design of apartments and public spaces.

Fresh visual and technological solutions in the design of spaces appear frequently. But they are embodied and spread not as quickly as in fashion or in graphics: construction, and decoration, as a rule, last for months.

However, by the end of each calendar year, it is always possible to assess which trends are leaving and which are gaining momentum. We will tell you what techniques in interior design will be relevant in 2023 – from shapes to textures, from palettes to light.

A lot of color

What is the trend? The fashion for white and gray interiors is leaving. The trend for 2023 is to boldly decorate spaces in bright shades. Minimalism remains, but only in clean lines and strict geometric shapes.

How it works. With the help of colors, designers create depth and character in interiors. Even pastel shades become brighter. All this is read as a symbol of invincible optimism, thirst for life, expression – and the right to express feelings.


What is the trend? Interiors no longer have to look polished, perfect, and smooth, like from a picture for a glossy magazine. The current design of spaces allows for imperfections, visual clutter, and spontaneous layering. A particularly important role in this is for vintage items: family heirlooms or finds from ebay.

How it works. The tendency to introduce antique objects into design appeared (more precisely, returned) due to the desire of people to create interiors in which their personal characters are noticeably and loudly expressed. Therefore, well-thought-out compositions of jewelry furniture matched to each other go away. Instead, any things that you like or have a special personal meaning become the basis of design, even if they introduce obvious visual disharmony.

Tactile textures

What is the trend? Tactility is paramount. Now, in the design of fashionable interiors, it is important not only to think over ergonomics and lighting modes but also to select as many materials and objects with obvious textures as possible. The trend is natural: moss, cut pines, dry grass, chipped granite, and so on.

How it works. The trend for objects and finishing materials with natural flaws and roughness is another way to return the natural beauty of nature to interiors and make them visually more complex. Plus, attractive textures develop: when people feel them with their hands or feet, it stimulates the brain.

Hand Made

What is the trend? The value of craft returns to interior design. To emphasize the non-mass nature of painstaking work, things are not perfectly symmetrical, they play with detailed ornaments and smooth shapes. Such nuances help to add warmth to the spaces and make them more welcoming.

How it works. Interior design with handmade objects is another way to embody the desire to personalize spaces, to express personal values. And also – support amazing local cultures, small businesses, and craftsmen.

Niches and nooks and crannies

What is the trend? In recent years, open spaces have been fashionable, from studio apartments to lofts with an area of an entire factory floor. The trend for 2023 is the isolation of premises, zoning with partitions and niches, and the creation of personal secret nooks.

How it works. Niches create visual boundaries for functional areas: thanks to them, you can mark the space without building additional walls. Secluded corners in the interiors not only make them more comfortable but also magically affect the behavior and condition of people: they help to calmly immerse themselves in their own thoughts or better feel the connection with others.

Mood lighting

What is the trend? In decorative lighting – in English mood lighting – you should focus on mood, not on lighting. Lighting solutions are becoming more and more complex: designers need to think through several different scenarios and lighting modes at once – from barely noticeable to festive.

How it works. This trend means that interior designers first of all think through the image that can be created with the help of lamps and floor lamps, and do not calculate the illumination in the suites. To do this, lamps are created from non-standard materials, and light bulbs are integrated into unexpected objects.

Sustainable materials

What is the trend? The design uses textiles, frames, and finishing materials of very high strength. They should not limit the behavior of those who use the interior – neither adults, nor children, nor animals – and serve as long as possible.

How it works. Fragile wood is replaced with stone, delicate fabrics with strong recycled polyester, and glass with polished metal.

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