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Fashionable interior: 12 main trends of the year

And again it’s time to review the main trends of the year. This time we have included the most current color palettes, themes, and interior design techniques in our collection.

1. Bright pixels 

The ideal of computer technology is high resolution without visible pixels. In the world of interior design, the opposite is true: they should be as noticeable as possible. This trend will appeal to those who are not afraid of combining all the shades of the rainbow in one item.

Carpets made of multi-colored squares, reminiscent of an enlarged pixel pattern of a color image, will become a “vitamin charge” in the interior.

2. Blocks of color  

Color blocking is a popular design technique in which the surface is divided into colored geometric shapes. For example, on a wall, this effect can be easily achieved with the help of multi-colored paints, masking tape, and a brush.

Blocks of color can decorate large surfaces: walls, floors, and pieces of furniture, and be present as light decorative accents. The number of shades used depends on your courage.

3. Hello from the world of fashion 

This year, designers advise adding piquant details from a woman’s wardrobe to the interior. It is worth paying attention to pieces of furniture and decor decorated with corset lacing or stitches that are usually used to finish the edges of the fabric.

4. Gradient 

Another incredibly effective stylistic technique is the use of surfaces with an ombre effect (a smooth transition from one shade to another) in the interior. In the new season, rich, complex colors of autumn are used to create it.

The gradient gives the material vibration and visual lightness. In this case, the transition can be either with blurred, watercolor contours, or with a clearer border.

Shimmers are a vertical or horizontal tonal stretch from a darker to a lighter shade or a combination of several colors. 

5. Birds and feathers 

Flocks of birds are ready to “settle” in our city apartments this winter. Images of birds and their light plumage again dominate the new collections of manufacturers of wallpaper, home textiles, and ceramic tiles. Decorative accessories in the form of owls are no less popular.

The autumn palette is characterized by the colors that shimmer in the outfits of many birds: reddish-brown, golden-brown, blue with a metallic sheen.

6. More sparkle! 

Recently, the so-called intellectual glamor, devoid of signs of excessive luxury, has been trending. To decorate such interiors, laconic objects with a shiny or mirror surface are used, creating a play of glare and reflections in the space.

7. Sweet life  

At the peak of popularity are shades of cotton candy, which are good in combination with other sweet tones: mint, vanilla, and peach. To avoid the feeling of cloying, dilute them with a neutral gray, black, or silver color. 

The pieces of furniture and decor that are trending this season resemble works of confectionery art not only in color but also in their rounded shape or slightly “glazed” surface.

8. Tactile pleasure

With the onset of the cold season, enveloping, pleasant-to-touch textures such as fur, velvet, quilted, and knitted textiles come to the fore. Just imagine yourself in the soft embrace of a chair upholstered in snow-white sheepskin, and you will immediately feel warm.

The main principle of modern design is “mix, but don’t shake.” The boundaries of styles are very blurred, and more and more people prefer eclecticism, fusion or boho.

The seventies are trending, and therefore their characteristic element is fringe. Decorative items with bangs will bring a playful mood to the interior.

9. To each his own

An interesting technique is to use different chairs around the table. They combine the same products, differing in color, or a variety of models, united by style or other common features.

10. Golden Twilight 

If you choose the most elegant combination of colors in the interior, this year it will probably be the duo of charcoal and gold. Moreover, not only the walls and flooring, but even the ceiling can be black.

The combination of shiny gold with black matte surfaces and subdued lighting looks most relaxed.

11. Mobile lamps 

Masters of light have borrowed the form for their new products from the world of art: today’s most fashionable lamps resemble mobiles – the famous kinetic sculptures of the artist Alexander Calder.

Items with space design are easiest to integrate into the space of a bedroom or nursery. They will fit especially well into a men’s interior.

12. Simply space

The theme of exploring the galaxy is still relevant in interior design. To create “cosmic” accents, use lighting fixtures reminiscent of celestial bodies, or decorative accessories in the form of astronauts or spaceships.  

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