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Classic English interior by Albion Nord studio

Albion Nord is a young team of English designers who create serious classic interiors with Victorian touches. The talent of designers lies not only in the ability to assemble these delightful palettes and compositions, but also in a certain restraint that makes the interiors very elegant, but modern and relevant. We admire shots of luxurious English interiors of mansions and residences created by Albion Nord designers.

Creating a modern classic interior is not as easy as it might seem. It is important not only to choose a palette, and materials, and create a multi-layered composition, but also to add a few modern details to make the interior lights.

Of course, half the success is space and its architecture. It is much easier to create a classic interior in a living room with original stucco and a fireplace than in a new house, but here it is important to follow the rules of composition.

Albion Nord designers not only skillfully use classic techniques – stucco, spectacular materials, and elegant design of details, but also work with the repeatability of forms in one space.

Lines and shapes are just as important as color combinations. All lines and there are many of them in a classic interior, should add up to one harmonious picture.

Another complexity of the classic interior is the details. To create a rich classic interior, you need layering and details, that is, vases, figurines, pillows, plants, and books that you would like to consider.

Items from various stylistic trends in a classic interior are a good tone. Light eclecticism makes the interior more interesting and modern.

The palette in the classics is a separate art form. Nude, beige palettes are universal, but deep, rather dark shades create the maximum visual effect.

Paintings and graphics are another important components of a classic interior. And even the interior of the bathroom will sparkle if you add the right wall decor to it.

If you decide to create a classic interior, please note that the classics almost always use symmetry. This simple technique of duplicating objects symmetrically always produces a good effect.

Even if only a couple of armchairs are symmetrical, the reception will bring a certain sense of elegance to the interior.

The most dangerous thing in a classic interior is classic design furniture with carved elements. Such items should be used with extreme caution and moderation. In order to get a modern composition, use furniture from different eras and combine furniture from different collections.

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