Egg Collective: American technocraft

The Egg Collective presents the Gray Area techno craft exhibition, a showcase of nine contemporary artists whose work explores and blurs the line between art and design. Kiva Motnyk, Ruth Charlotte Kneass, Luam Melake, Rachel Duvall, Jay Kim, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Jeff Martin, Hiroko Takeda, and Stephen Howlenbeck ask what defines and elevates objectivity.

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The exhibition features oversized pots with withered flowers; a wall-mounted sarcophagus containing treasures or toothbrushes; quilted fabrics hand-dyed with fodder plants, wall-sized amulets made from worn clothes, and old movie tickets.

The Egg Collective is a New York-based design firm founded in 2011 by Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. Conceived as a creative partnership, the gallery has focused its energy on things that reflect the values ​​of the community, qualities, and concern for nature. All items are made from the highest quality raw materials in our own carpentry workshop and in cooperation with local small producers. The Egg Collective also features a small selection of emerging contemporary artists and designers with the intention of creating a dialogue between applied art and fine art.

Luam Melake. 
Talismanic Quilt, 2020. 
Kiva Motnyk
. Lake Study No. 2 Shallows, 2022. 
Jaye Kim. 
Jaye Kim.
 Untitled, 2021. 

Ruth Charlotte Kneass
 Sumi Drop Stair Mobile
, 2021. 
Hiroko Takeda. 
Neptune, 2021. 
Steven Haulenbeek. 
RBS barnacle Vessel 2, 2020.
Steven Haulenbeek.
 Fishbone 3620, 2020. 

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