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Disney Releases Encanto Digital Artbook For FREE Ahead Of Oscars

Despite being a flop at the domestic box office, Disney’s 60th animated feature film, Encanto, has become a fan favorite for many when it was released for free on the Disney Plus streaming platform. Inspiring people to dress up as and draw fan art of their favorite characters and even do covers and remixes of the popular songs from the film. 

With the upcoming 94th Academy Awards you can bet that Disney will be pulling out all the stops when it comes to promoting a film for award season. Since multiple major studios see “award winning” as an extra sticker to slap onto the DVD/Blu-ray release of a film thinking people will be more likely to buy it if a couple hundred “special” people say it’s worthy of the glorified paper weight.

Of course it will be up for “Best Animated Feature” (And will probably win since Disney/Pixar almost ALWAYS wins that), plus “Best Original Song” which will most likely be for “We don’t talk about Bruno” despite “Surface Pressure” also being quite popular.

Just ahead of the upcoming award show Disney has released a digital version of the Encanto Art Book online for FREE to help promote the film.

You’ll be able to see all the early concept art and story boards for the film as it started out in its development form up until all the designs were finalized to give us what ended up in the finished product.

A total of 180 pages is enough to give any fan of Encanto a big smile on their face. It is rather unusual for Disney to release something like this for free. But as they seem desperate to win as many awards as possible this season they’re doing whatever they can to promote their movies.

You can find the book here it HERE

Again this is a limited-time offer, so be sure to check it out before it disappears and you’ll have to spend $20 – $30 on a physical copy at Barnes & Noble.

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