Designers made furniture from kite parachutes

As part of the AURA project, Yotam Cohen and Assaf Schinfeld decided to explore the possibilities of recycling non-standard materials to create aesthetic objects of functional art. The duo focused primarily on a waste product that has not yet been fully explored in this area of ​​design—discarded kite parachutes. Designers collected material directly from kite clubs or through social media, and then recycled various original parts or transformed them into new uses by combining them with other elements. To their surprise, when Yotam and Assaf began working on the project, they discovered that most of the discarded parachutes remained in excellent condition. That is why the team’s key focus was preserving the origin of the fabric and manufacturing technology. As a result, simple metal furniture frames follow the shape and design of the kite, and the colorful textiles stretched over it refer back to its original purpose. In addition, the model number and the location where it was previously used by athletes are indicated on the label of the parachute. 

Photo: Yotam Cohen, Assaf Shinfeld. 

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