Updating the interior for the New Year

Updating your home decor is a good New Year’s tradition. Sometimes, to refresh the interior, it is enough to integrate a couple of new chairs, a lamp, or interesting textiles into the space. How to transform any interior using basic solutions and current trends – tips from the Minimalism team.


Contemplation of nature always has a beneficial effect on a person’s physical and emotional state: it stimulates vitality and calms the nervous system. The use of natural lines in the interior creates coziness and gives a feeling of comfort. The tendency to smooth out sharp corners and create ergonomic figures can be seen in the shapes of chairs, rounded tabletops, and emphatically streamlined lamps.

Digital Invasion

The virtual world has long gone beyond the digital framework and is penetrating other areas of our lives, including apartment interiors. This is noticeable in furniture of the simplest rectangular shape, as if “pixelated”, in bright colors that are rarely found in nature, as well as in the abundance of abstract primitive forms in patterns.

With glass elements

The use of glass furniture is one of the most popular trends among designers because glass is universal: objects made from this material do not overload the space, and, if desired, can become an expressive accent. The tabletop and base made of tempered glass make the coffee table or coffee table weightless and almost dissolve it in space. The mirror cloth on the surface of the table, on the contrary, turns it into a central element of decor and creates a festive atmosphere in the room.


Black in small quantities creates beautiful graphic lines and structures the space. This color can be used both as a basis for creating a monochrome interior and as an addition to a bright, expressive space. Larger forms, with their solid and reliable appearance, create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in the room. Black in abstract prints attracts attention with a slow motion that matches the seasonal mood.


New Year’s tablecloths, runner, and napkins may differ in color, material, and texture. A formal reception requires a classic white tablecloth or plain textiles in the lightest pastel shades. For an informal setting, printed items in traditional red and green colors or original table jacquard with fabulous designs are good.

 special serving

Plain white dishes help highlight the decoration of holiday dishes. To create a Christmas atmosphere, items in white and red tones with bright thematic prints are suitable. Plates and salad bowls in dark colors will help to serve in a modern natural style.

And the city of the world

Lighting in the interior plays one of the primary roles: cold light helps to increase concentration, and warm light helps to relax after a working day and have a quality rest. A new table lamp, a stylish interior garland, or a lampshade with muted diffused light will not only change the perception of familiar objects but will also become independent elements of holiday decor.

And hurrah home

The first impression of a home is always its smell. It should not be harsh and intrusive, because otherwise, the aromas will provoke excessive activity and sometimes even irritate. When choosing, focus on natural and pleasant seasonal notes: spices, citrus fruits, pine needles, pastries, exotic fruits, and vanilla.

We paint in

In the subconscious, New Year’s holidays are closely associated with childhood, a sense of security, and pleasant nostalgia. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to do some Christmas decor and put up your tree in early December. A festive atmosphere in the interior will make the anticipation of the most magical time of the year even more pleasant and joyful.

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