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Decorating the house for Halloween: 13 scary interesting ideas

You can make this frighteningly beautiful decor with your own hands – quickly and easily!

1. Paper bats

It’s easy to paint a whole flock of bats on the walls of your house. To do this, you only need black cardboard and a little patience. 

Fold the cardboard in half, draw a mouse shape at the fold as shown in the picture, and cut out the blank.

When you have made enough blanks, simply attach them to the walls of the room or house using double-sided tape. 

2. Pumpkins made from threads

For this easy-to-make pumpkin decor, you will need orange or yellow thread, PVA glue, and a balloon.

Inflate the balloon, hang it, and wrap it with threads coated in glue. Leave the workpiece for a while – when the glue dries, burst it and pull out the ball. After this, all you have to do is add the stem and leaves to the resulting pumpkin.

3. Ghost Garland

To create a garland of ghosts, cut out identical blanks from cardboard or old boxes (you can use the pattern we suggested) and connect them with rope.

4. Floating Ghosts

And another stunning ghostly decor that won’t require much effort. Blow up white balloons or cut out Styrofoam balloons, tie a string to each one, and draw eyes on them with a black marker. Then cover each ball with a large piece of gauze (the thread needs to be pushed through the gauze) and tie the ghosts to a chandelier or tree branches – depending on what area you decide to decorate: a house or a street.

For another version of a similar decor, you will need several mannequins or rather their heads. You need to attach a fastener to them and tie a thread to it. Otherwise, the sequence of actions is the same.

5. Frightening animals

If you have ceramic sculptures of birds (owls and crows are ideal) or animals, you can turn them into terrifying decor with just a couple of strokes of the brush – just paint the figures black. For an even more frightening effect, make the eyes of animals and birds red.

6. Potions books

Once again, colors and your imagination will help you turn old books into witch-board reading. Just paint over the old covers and draw new ones in their place. “Dictionary of Poisons”, “Book of Magic Spells”, and “Recipes for the Most Powerful Potions” – you choose the name for your new publication yourself.

7. Witches’ flasks

You can complement the atmosphere of a witch’s lair with the help of different bottles painted black. Attach special stickers to them (they can be found on the Internet) or write the name of the decoctions, potions, and poisons yourself.

8. Bloody candles

This spooky decoration is easy to make: you need to light a red candle, drip hot wax onto the main candle, and complete the decoration by sticking small nails into it.

9. Hoop web

To create this large web you will need a hoop, strips of black fabric, black yarn, and a plastic spider. 

First, wrap the hoop with fabric, then stretch the threads from one edge to the other so that you get a web. It is better to fix the places where the threads join the hoop with glue. In the end, place the spider on the craft; you can also decorate it a little, for example with sparkles.

10. Painting with a skull

And another amazing homemade decor with threads. At first glance, it seems that it is difficult to make, but this is not at all true.

11. Bouquet of ghosts

This adorable ghostly bouquet is nothing more than candy canes wrapped in white fabric. A simple and brilliant idea!

12. Candlesticks made from tin cans

Making these candlesticks doesn’t require much effort either.

Choose a picture with suitable words or a face with which you want to decorate the lamp, and stick the paper blank onto an empty tin can. Using a nail and hammer, transfer the outline of the picture onto the jar. Then remove the paper pattern and return the jar to its shape by knocking on the inside walls. The last step is to paint the jar black, wait for it to dry, and place the candle inside.

13. Door with fangs

If you’re not a fan of too scary decor, this idea should appeal to you. It consists of “revitalizing” the front door with the help of a good-natured face: eyes, mustaches, and teeth (after all, on Halloween you can’t do without them) can be cut out of paper or other suitable materials and simply attached to the door.

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