Dark walls in the interior look spectacular

Anna Yarovikova and the A-Design team designed an apartment for a young couple. We chose the most open layout, natural materials, and rich colors. “It turned out to be comfortable urban housing with complex textures and details,” the designer defines the result of his work.

The apartment is located in the Moscow residential complex “Faces” on the Khodynka field. Area — 120 sq.m. There were no load-bearing walls, which made the task of planners easier: only bathroom areas were allocated. A big plus is the windows on two sides. Anna Yarovikova herself defines the style of the apartment as follows: “Minimalism as a principle of reasonable sufficiency.” At the same time, he clarifies that the customers did not come to the chosen style right away – they went through trial and error, numerous sketches, and long communication with the designer.

“The way of life of a modern person is such that often one occupation flows into another – the interior must correspond to the new reality,” says Anna Yarovikova. In her project, she strove for maximum fluidity, and openness. The living room is combined with the dining room and kitchen and combined with the office: it is separated from the open space by a zoning partition.

When the ceiling-high doors are opened, the other rooms do not look isolated either: the bedroom and the guest room are visually connected, creating the illusion of a single large volume. Natural light penetrates every corner. “High Lualdi doors in a black box undoubtedly set the character and image of the apartment,” says the author of the project.

The interior has a lot of built-in furniture. It was made by Andrey Zharnitsky’s studio. Cabinets do not look like cabinets, their walnut veneer fronts become a continuation of the walls, drawing the viewer’s attention to free-standing objects and decor. The kitchen is located in the same room as the living room, so the set of the Italian factory Cesar was chosen in the same walnut veneer that is used throughout the apartment. It is complemented by technological black matte plastic, which does not leave fingerprints.

The main color of the walls is green by Benjamin Moore. Dark and saturated, the hue, however, has become a good universal background for works of art. And there are a lot of them in the project: paintings by Valery Pesin “Rushed Cloud” and “Danae” by Victoria Fomina, AG Gallery; author’s ceramics by Yulia Batyrova; on the pedestals are sculptures by Svetlana Tavolzhanskaya and Yulia Batyrova. In the future, the work can be replaced – the color of the walls will take on new art.

The bedroom was made powder pink. Despite the delicate color, the overall gamut turned out to be complex: the balance of dusty grays and pinks is complemented by accents of gold details in the pendant lamps and the brass frame of the dressing table. Both bathrooms are done in sober white and black, and only the walnut wall, behind which built-in wardrobes and a washing machine are hidden, breaks the laconic style, giving warmth to the room.

Customers knew exactly what chairs they wanted: Patricia Urquiola’s Nuez model for the Andreu World brand was seen in a Barcelona store. The chairs are set around an Arte Brotto Italian dining table, and the composition is complemented by a Vistosi pendant lamp. Anna Yarovikova notes the Sormani sofa, is comfortable and sculptural, next to it is an elegant Vibia floor lamp. The coffee table and sofa in the study are from BoСoncept. On the San Giacomo writing table is a design icon, a Kaiser table lamp: a 1936 model by Christian Dell is now produced by Fritz Hansen. Built-in light – from Centrsvet.

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