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Cottage in the suburbs

Designer Kristina Lastauskaite-Punde designed the interior of a cottage in the suburbs of Klaipeda, Lithuania. The task was to create a modern space that meets the lifestyle of the customers – a young couple.

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The existing space was redesigned: the emphasis was placed on the dining area, which was placed in the center of the open space on the first floor, the kitchen was fenced off from the living room and the main entrance, but not completely separated. On the second floor there are bedrooms and a bathroom. Connecting the levels is a concrete-clad staircase that “brings a refreshing simplicity” and is separated from the living room by a grating that brings natural light into the staircase.

The image of the interior is largely determined by the materials – wood, stone, concrete, decorative plaster, glass, metal, and leather. The color palette includes shades from dark gray and brown-red to pastel yellow. A cozy, relaxed atmosphere is created by various options for night lighting and many sources of indirect hidden light.

Most of the furniture has clear geometric shapes that look expressive against the backdrop of complex and restrained shades, and thin metal legs and pendants of lamps serve as graphic accents. The master bedroom is devoid of the usual furniture – instead of the bed, a low wooden podium with drawers was erected here: this is a functional solution that also unobtrusively creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The headboard of the bed is highlighted by a wall painting with geometric motifs, which echoes the picture in the frame. At the end of the room is a spacious wardrobe, separated by a sliding glass wall, with the ability to easily combine both spaces into one. The adjoining bathroom has a shower, bathtub and other necessary amenities, a washing machine and dryer are hidden behind a decorative cabinet door.

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