“Cosmic loft”

The owner of the loft in Vilnius new town is a programmer and a doctor in physics. He wished that in the interior there were none of natural, warm materials, he expected metal, plastic, glass, and technologies to dominate instead. The client has a variety of interests: he creates music, plays drums and his own guitars, he’s interested in martial arts and virtual reality, he collects aliens’ figures, cosmic theme games, and movies.

A starting point of the interior is 80s movies with a cosmic theme. From the perspective of the bedroom, one can feel like watching everything from a spaceship control center – there’s a huge dichroic glass installed at an angle that becomes one of the cores of the interior. From there one can also see four floors [o maybe a game?] levels, together a big part of a brushed metal constructive which is not hidden, but on the contrary – becomes a big part of the interior – just like in a spaceship. The same principle is kept in the bathroom, where the stairs are not covered, while for the kitchen’s metallic surface a brushed technique is used, as well as it’s found in the rest of the structure.

Finishes also remind of the 80s, when the loft was built: tiles with light bar inlays in the bathroom and mirror inlays in the living room, where there also shines a lamp inspired by the first artificial Earth satellite and created by the interior designer. Illumination and mood scenarios are being changed by the lighting like white LED lines and two groups of RGB lamps – everything is controlled not only by mobile magnetic sockets, and mobile app but also by “Amazon Alexa”.

In this loft, the client can work, then – make a sudden change and convert the space into a game and relax zone – within a few button presses he can create a feeling of a spaceship and leave to his phantasy world.

Author: Ainė Bunikytė
Photographer: Norbert Tukaj
Year: 2021

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