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Compact Spaces: 27 sq.m. Apartment

Despite the modest footage, the space had a very good layout. Three windows allowed the author to place the functionality of a two-room apartment – an isolated bedroom with a workplace, a full-fledged kitchen-living room with a dining area, a large fold-out sofa, and many storage places.

The interior was created for sale, therefore, together with the customer, the designer decided to make the space light and universal, but not impersonal. The implementation took only three months. In the process of looking for buyers, the landlord decided to rent it out, and as a result, received so many responses that he decided to abandon the sale.

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The walls were painted with wear-resistant washable paint Tikkurila, Kerama Marazzi porcelain stoneware was laid on the floor in wet areas, and laminate in the living quarters. So that the interior does not seem too “sterile”, they decided to make the bathroom bright by combining three different types of tiles and painting. The tone of the paint was matched to the color of the blue-gray tiles. Colored grout was also used, for example, terracotta was chosen for white tiles. Bright accents were added by the furniture and decor.

Tried to find furniture interesting, at the same time practical and budgetary. They chose mainly Russian brands and Ikea, as well as items from closing restaurants. The dining table, an armchair in the bedroom, and a chair in the hallway were delivered from St. Petersburg, and the Delo Design pomegranate chairs are also from the northern capital. The kitchen was made to order at Stylish Kitchens; it had to accommodate a full set of household appliances: a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an oven, and a cooker hood.

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There is a ventilation box between the hallway and the kitchen – initially, the author wanted to wrap it in panels and collect large pieces of furniture around it, but the idea could not be realized due to a modest budget. Therefore, we decided not to make a closet to the ceiling, but to lower the ceiling to the closet using a drywall box, which was painted in the same color as the facades.

Also, the designer applied an interesting solution in the bathroom and moved the technical hatch to the living room, and placed it behind the sofa, which made it possible to create additional storage in the bathroom. In the compact bedroom, one of the nightstands had to be abandoned, so an additional socket was installed in the blank wall and a special pocket for the phone was attached.

The painting in front of the sofa – graphics “Birds” by Alexei Vaulin, paintings at the dining table and in the bedroom – the work of Maria Suvorova, the series “Moscow Courtyards”, all from the art gallery “Together”.

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