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Coliving and coworking spaces: 5 examples

The availability of the Internet has given us freedom of movement and a world without borders. Digital nomads – freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone who can work remotely – choose travel as a way of life. Contemporary coworking and coliving spaces offer everything digital nomads need – safe housing, a comfortable workplace, reliable internet connectivity, and an inspiring community spirit.

Arctic coworking lodge

1. Arctic Coworking Lodge, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Coliving and coworking on the Lofoten Islands are created for those who do not see themselves sunbathing on the beach with a laptop and a cocktail but in the bosom of the pristine northern nature that meets literally outside the door. Inside there are living rooms, a large kitchen, a living room, a quiet office space, a meeting room for telephone calls. Outside, northern lights and surfing in the waters of the Norwegian Sea. • From 34 euros per night. Minimum stay: 4 nights.

2. Coconat, Bad Belzig, Germany

Unique in its own way, coliving is located in a building that served as a training camp for spies during the communist era. Today, Coconat offers outdoor activities and activities with a sauna, glamping, and camping, a garden with hammocks, a pool, and homegrown vegetables for lunch. • From 259 per week.


3. Mokrin House, Mokrin, Serbia

Mokrin House is conceived as an ideal destination for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and nomads looking to escape their stress and enjoy living and working in a minimalist setting in a tranquil countryside setting. Coliving provides a separate bedroom, a 24-hour workspace, delicious homemade meals. In their free time, they like to drink good coffee, exchange knowledge, spend movie nights, ride bicycles, swim in the pool, or go to the gym. • From 75 euros per day.

Mokrin House

4. Nine Coliving, Tenerife, Spain

Coliving is housed in a historic building built-in 1852. But everything that is necessary for work is modern – in particular, there is 24-hour access to a fully equipped workplace with high-speed Internet. Nine Coliving founder Anne is an avid traveler herself: over the years, she managed to live and work in 12 cities on four continents. This means that he knows exactly what a digital nomad will need. Also among the pluses of the place is a beautiful view of the city and the sea. • From 40 euros per night. Minimum stay: 3 nights.

Nine coliving

5. Zoku, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The founders of Zoku say they designed the project from the start to bring home and office together in a cozy, practical, and welcoming space. So that guests do not get bored without communication while traveling, the coworking space provides various social zones: lounge areas, meeting rooms, terraces with hammocks. The traditional arrangement of the rooms was also revised – not a bed, but a table around which the entire interior was built was made their center. • From 80 euros per night.


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