Coffee scented apartments in Antakalnis

The apartment is located in the central part of Antakalnis, in a newly built house on Smėlio Street.

Located on the fourth floor, the three-room apartment offers panoramic views of the vibrant Antakalnio Street through the tree-lined landscape. Common space for family gatherings and hybrid work from home, as needed. In order to adapt the room to the life of a developing child, this space is designed to be flexible and open to change. The storage room stores less frequently used items and serve as a laundry/recuperator space as well. In this way, bathroom space is able to be more welcoming.

The interior is dominated by rationality, natural materials and solid, aesthetics with lasting value. The aim was to create a comfortable space that meets the changing needs of the family. Interest in coffee culture is one of the main hobbies of customers, for this purpose the main focus of the kitchen has become a chrome-plated coffee machine.

Author: Tomas Milkamanavičius
Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas
Year: 2021
Location: Lithuania

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