Carpenters Workshop Gallery will show the works of Vincenzo de Cotis

The Italian designer’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Crossing Over, will continue his exploration of the contemporary urban environment. Vincenzo de Cotis’s sculptural objects address themes of migration and cultural hybridity, which are physically embodied in expressive forms, raw textures, and a deep palette of colors and materials. The new project was based on the idea of ​​restoring materials: thus, the exhibition brought together objects from different years, in which the designer combines hand-painted recycled fiberglass with semi-precious stones and metals. Many pieces reflect the collision of urbanization and the natural world, while others feature a cast brass frame, an iconic element in de Cotis’s work. “Crossing Over is a journey in search of places I have seen and spaces that exist in my imagination. This is an exploration of everything that is inside me and belongs to me, as well as everything that I have not yet encountered,”  the author comments. 

The exhibition will open on February 28 and will last until June 19. 

Photo: Carpenters Workshop Gallery.