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Bright interior with retro elements

The bright interiors of the two-room apartment, as if shimmering with soft pearl shades, provide everything necessary for a married couple. The apartment creates a comfortable environment for everyday activities and communication, retro elements are included in the harmonious design, and original decorative accents are placed in a calm rhythm.

The design of this bright apartment in a monolithic concrete new building with brick-facing facades meets the needs of many citizens: a convenient layout, and spacious and cozy interiors with classic, Provence, and retro elements. The remaining wishes of the customers boiled down to the following: a studio layout of the public area, including a living room, dining room, and kitchen, and the latter should be moved to the back of the room; arrangement of a master bedroom and an office, which can also serve as a guest room. In both private rooms, it was necessary to provide dressing rooms; it was also necessary to equip two bathrooms – a guest and a master with a bath. 

Identical lampshades resembling flower corollas are attached to the ceiling at different heights.


The apartment’s plan tends to be square, the light openings are located along the outer wall, and the central one (larger in size than the side ones) is a shallow, fully glazed bay window, adjacent to two loggias. In general, a lot of light gets into the apartment, because the external glazing is almost continuous. Between the central room and one of the side rooms, there is a long section of load-bearing wall.

The old partitions were mostly removed, getting rid of the corridor, as well as “opening up” the hallway space and reducing it in accordance with the proportions of the apartment. One of the loggias was added to the current guest bedroom, removing the window sill block, and the kitchen was moved to the back of the studio, in place of the previous corridor. All changes in the layout were approved by the relevant authorities. The bathrooms remain the same. Small dressing rooms were installed in areas away from the windows of both bedrooms.

The central and upper panels of the wardrobe in the hallway are decorated with mirrors, and the lower panels are blank, which emphasizes the architectural character of the facades

The theme of the classics is interestingly played out in the bathroom: under the ceiling on the walls there is a colored frieze framed by cornices, an original black chandelier

Each part of the studio was designed in such a way that its appearance became memorable and expressive but did not discord with the decoration of neighboring areas. The hallway connects to the kitchen with a wide opening, so they decided to cover the end wall of the entrance room with wallpaper in wide vertical white and turquoise stripes. This pattern “stretches” the interior vertically, and the color shades give it visual depth and coolness.

The image of lace is played out in an original way: two hemispheres of large chandelier shades – in the center of the living room and above the dining table – are decorated from the inside with the finest stucco decoration; The theme is continued by the carved backs of white plastic chairs, the pattern of which echoes the even larger pattern of 3D panels behind the TV area. At the same time, the outer surface of the lampshades is painted black, just like the round dining table and the metal frames of the coffee tables in the living room. 


Paneled furniture is in harmony with the imitation of boiserie panels in the studio and bedroom, created using the layout of narrow moldings, which are painted in the color of the walls, and graphic relief “frames” on the ceilings

The apartment was screeded, the floors were tiled with porcelain tiles (hallway, bathrooms, a strip along the kitchen modules), under which electric heating was laid, and oak parquet boards were installed in the bedrooms and studio. New partitions were erected from foam blocks. The loggias were insulated and double-glazed windows were replaced with better ones. In the bedroom, both doors leading to the loggia were extended to the floor, so that there was more natural light inside. Air conditioners were installed in private rooms and the studio, external units were placed under the windows on the facade (it faces the courtyard).


The wallpaper pattern in the office resembles the play of light and shadow on the relief elements of the studio decoration. The snow-white chandelier is almost invisible

Calibrated proportions and sparingly used non-standard decorative techniques helped create a peaceful atmosphere. The walls of the studio shine with whiteness, a subtle grayish-lavender shade gives the interior a feeling of freshness. On one of the bedroom walls, this tone thickens to a rich but muted lavender, and in the kitchen, glossy backsplash tiles of a complex beige shade add another similar, only warmer color note. Textures were played out very successfully: the back wall of a large niche in the living room is decorated with 3D panels, which create a beautiful pattern of ornamentation due to chiaroscuro.  

Important conditions for working on the project were short deadlines (five months were spent on design and implementation), as well as a reasonable budget. At the same time, the customers wanted the home to gain individuality. The owners approved the submitted sketches and no longer interfered with the arrangement process until the apartment was delivered turnkey. The sofa in the study folds out to provide two sleeping places for guests. To store and place household appliances, a four-door cabinet was built into the niche of the guest bathroom. It is divided into two parts: one contains a washing machine, shelves with household chemicals, the second stores an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner, and tools. I selected the lamps taking into account interior design, zoning requirements and functional tasks.

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