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Brick wall in the interior: 70+ stylish ideas

A brick accent wall is a well-known design technique. With it, you can make the interior of any room not boring, and add colors and textures. We tell you how to implement it.

Brick walls in the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even the corridor – if you like masonry made of natural material, but you don’t know how to apply it and what to choose – imitation or even paste wallpaper with such a pattern, our article will help. Bonus: stylish photo examples where you will definitely find inspiration. 

Kitchen design with brick wall

1. Instead of a backsplash 

One of the most popular ideas is to replace the tiles on the backsplash with bricks. This will bring loft aesthetics to the room. In addition, in terms of its quality characteristics, the finish is not inferior to porcelain stoneware or glass. 

Brown goes well with white, beige, black, and gray – popular shades for kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

2. In the dining area 

The kitchen is divided into several functional areas: cooking, dining group, and (optionally) a seating area. You can visually divide the room just with the help of finishing – for example, highlight one area with textured material. And clinker is quite suitable for this purpose. 

3. In the recreation area

Often, the kitchen is combined with the living room or they try to allocate a sofa area in it – in order to combine functionality and equip full-fledged bedrooms in the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Zone the room with different finishes – this trick will work. 

4. Architectural elements 

If you don’t want to highlight the whole wall or you are afraid that you will get bored with the solution, you can decorate individual elements with the material. For example, columns.

Brick wall in the bedroom interior

Designers play with this solution in different ways.

1. At the head of the bed 

Emphasis on the headboard is a common solution. The finished masonry can be decorated with a picture, and make a backlight. 

2. Select the entire area from the side of the bed

And you can veneer the entire surface completely.

3. Select a work area 

Decorating an impromptu office with a clinker is another popular idea. 

4. Coat all surfaces

If you choose a cladding for all surfaces, then you can use, for example, wood as an accent.

Brick wall in the interior of the living room

1. In the sofa area 

A common solution is to highlight a soft furniture group in this way. 

2. In the TV zone

Make a zone with a TV and shelves. Why not. 

3. One architectural element

For example, highlight a niche. Inside it, you can make shelves with decor or leave this element empty – it attracts attention and is an accent without additional decorations. 

Hallway Ideas 

The corridor can also be lined with clinker – the idea will appeal to those who do not like experiments. We don’t stay in the hallway all the time, this is a walk-through room, which means that the decoration will not get boring. 

Brick wall design in the interior: 4 implementation options

Of course, the material chosen is not always real. In rare cases, it is a natural red stone – more often an imitation. Consider how you can save money and when naturalness is the best solution. 

1. Remove the cladding to the real masonry

In houses of old stock, it is possible to clean the surfaces of the layers of old plaster, and wallpaper and open the natural masonry. True, this is a dusty business – in order to remove all layers of plaster, as well as to make the surface safe and suitable for living quarters, a long grinding is needed. In addition, natural materials must be treated with antifungal agents so that mold does not occur. And yet – the surface will be cold, as it is not covered with anything additional. Although it is this authentic finish that lovers appreciate.

2. Use a special lining

It is much thinner than real material and is made specifically for living rooms – that is, it is safe. You can choose from different colors, although white clinker is very popular today.

Another difference and advantage is lightness. If only the main wall can withstand natural material, then even a plasterboard partition can withstand imitation. 

3. Lay tiles

Decorative tiles imitate the surface – you can lay perfectly even masonry. And she’s easy to care for. 

4. Choose the wallpaper 

The last possible imitation is patterned wallpaper. They are easy to stick on, but this solution has not been used for a long time – it has long been outdated. 

In what styles is the design of a room with a brick wall appropriate?

1. Loft 

The first, of course, is the loft or its synonym – industrial style. Brick is one of the main attributes of this direction. It is easy to combine with concrete and rough raw wood – a typical loft finish. 

2. Scandinavian style

Popular Scandinavian also provides this material in the finish. Pairing it with the typical white, and gray  traditional colors for the Scandinavian aesthetic – looks beautiful and classy. By the way, in Scandi interiors they like to use whitewashed rather than painted clinker, as if powdered with plaster and construction dust. 

3. Modern interiors

In general, any design that has more modern features can be diluted with brown masonry. Moreover, eclecticism (mixing of styles) is very relevant, and there are many options for finishing colors, everything is not limited to brown.

Is it worth it to use additional decorations?

There is an opinion that the textured lining itself is very active and the decor on it only interferes. Not at all. Surfaces are decorated with paintings, shelves, art objects, and even carpets. It will also be combined with minimalist posters and even mirrors in classic carved frames. Feel free to experiment. 

So, the design solution is actively used, and such decoration can be seen in different styles – not only in a typical loft. 

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