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Blue color in the interior: combinations and ideas (95 photos)

Sapphire, sky blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, cobalt, blueberry, and electric blue – are just a few of the shades that you can use at home. Did you know that blue is the new color of the year for 2022? Let’s figure out how to beautifully and elegantly apply it in your apartment, what styles it will fit into, and what to combine it harmoniously with!

Features and effects on the psyche

The symbolism of blue is one of the richest and dates back to time immemorial. Egyptian artists depicted sacrifice ceremonies on this scale. Blue was the wigs and headdresses of the gods, pharaohs, queens, and priests. The Maya tribes with the same purpose dyed out ritual utensils, tools, and wooden and ceramic objects.

The divine sacred meaning has been preserved in the Christian tradition, in which blue is associated with eternity and divine power. In different nations, it symbolizes deep feelings, consciousness, reflection, stability, honesty, and loyalty. In the East, they believe that blue in the house protects from the evil eye and the attack of evil spirits.

Blue inspires and relaxes, promotes peace, stimulates the craving for knowledge, and helps relaxation and concentration at the same time. In the room, it creates a feeling of lightness, airiness, freshness, and coolness. After all, it is he who symbolizes two elements at once: air and water.

It is believed that the color blue promotes the adoption of reasonable compromises and helps to focus on important tasks. In such an environment, it is easier to organize things, structure, and analyze information. This is the choice of confident, calm, purposeful, and responsible people with a strong inner core.

The duality of blue is expressed in everything: it is used by businessmen in offices and creative individuals in their workshops. Those who are agitated and anxious – he calms, and those who are overly melancholy – invigorates and motivates. It is for this reason that it is almost impossible to miscalculate about blue when planning an interior.

Combination with other colors

In the interior, it is advisable to dilute the bright blue color with others, but first, you need to choose a shade. Pure tones visually enlarge small and cramped rooms. For the main surfaces and finishes, light, muted, and pastel colors are suitable, and in the details – bright and saturated.

Blue with white

This duet looks fresh and bright, but at the same time – neutral and concise. The classic combination can be applied to any modern style and decorate any geometric, abstract, and nautical ornaments. For the smallest rooms, white wall decoration with bright blue upholstered furniture, textiles, and accessories is suitable.

Blue with red

A bright, bold, and contrasting combination is suitable for spacious living rooms or kitchens. Such a duet is welcomed in modern style and hi-tech, and bleached tones will easily set off Provence. The main thing is to choose shades of the same saturation so that they do not drown out each other.

Blue with gray

Such a duet is very elegant and elegant – well suited for both the bathroom and the bedroom. Deep sapphire well dilutes and refreshes a neutral gray background, juicy ultramarine blends harmoniously with chrome and glass, and delicate azure with pearl gray. Dark dirty gray-blue colors will complement monochrome interiors.

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Blue with yellow

The combination of blue and yellow is bright, bold, and extravagant, but it will work well for nurseries, kitchens, or bathrooms. Juicy colors are associated with the bright sun against the background of a clear sky, so they immediately invigorate and cheer up. This is a good choice for rooms where there is always not enough natural light outside the window.

Blue with beige

An elegant duo is suitable for lovers of warm classic interiors, a homely atmosphere, or Mediterranean styles. Here the best of both colors is combined: the comfort of beige with the freshness of blue. To make the interior soft and relaxing, use beige as the main color, and if you like a bold extravagance, vice versa.

Interior styles and blue color

Diverse and multifaceted shades of blue are easy to fit into any interior. In classical styles, these are luxurious and expensive dark tones, in hi-tech – juicy and almost neon. In modern interiors, everything is easily used and alternated: from turquoise or cornflower blue to dark stormy skies.

Modern style

Modern interiors are a laconic natural color scheme, so blue is one of the main colors in it. It harmonizes well with wood-look laminate or minimalist dark chocolate or black walnut furniture. In a large room, you can mix several variations of blue at once, but then make the background plain and neutral.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interiors are built on black and white or beige and brown tones. Bright, clean colors are used for accents, and blue is the best for this. But be careful not to have too much of it, because the style itself is inherently minimalistic.


The loft can be both deliberately rough and modern, and with a slight bias towards retro and vintage. And in both these directions, pure blue fits well. In the first case, it can be a bright refrigerator, a sofa, bean bags and posters, and in the second case, it can be upholstery, heavy straight curtains, fancy lamps and stained glass candlesticks.


Provence rarely does without pale pastel shades of blue, because pure sky blue is one of the main components along with lavender and yellow fields and olive trees. Delicate cornflower blue, gray-gray, heavenly, greenish turquoise and muted colonial will come in handy for you.

Moroccan style

Moroccan in our latitudes is a very colorful and vibrant ethnic style. It uses several noble shades at once: deep cobalt, rich turquoise, antique gold, and with them – coral, burgundy and purple. They are intertwined in expensive, embroidered and painted textiles, intricate mosaics, intricate decorations and lamps.

Interiors in blue tones – photo

The blue color is attractive precisely because of its versatility, which allows it to be used in the design of a bathroom, a nursery, a living room – everywhere. Choose combinations, take into account the specifics of different materials and feel free to experiment with textures!

Blue color in the interior of the kitchen

It is difficult to find a color that would fit both a classic wooden set and fashionable glossy acrylic with metal and glass. Blue is just such an option, against which multi-level lighting with diode backlights looks amazing. And at the same time he will cheer up in the morning and relax in the evening after a hard day.

Blue color in the interior of the living room

Confidently use any shades – your guests will still be impressed. If you are constantly hot and sunny, choose blue with gray or other cool colors. If there is not enough light, combine it with warm beige, milky, sandy, yellow and pastel shades.

Blue color in the interior of the bedroom

Too bright and saturated blue color for the bedroom can cause anxiety, so it is better to pay attention to muted or pastel colors. You can add accents with curtains, bedspreads and decorative pillows. Natural wooden furniture looks especially impressive against a blue background: classic beds, chests of drawers, dressing tables, mirrors in carved frames.

Blue color in the interior of the bathroom

In the toilet and bathroom, blue of any brightness with saturation looks great as the main one. Against its background, classic white plumbing, mirrors, glass, chrome faucets and heated towel rails look good. Combine blue with white or gray and your bathroom will always be bright and fresh.

Blue color in the interior of the children’s room

Children love bright flashy things, but you need to be careful, because they are much more susceptible to them. The blue color in the children’s room is good because it is not defiant or aggressive at all. At the same time, it stimulates imagination and fantasy – the most important components of the development and further maturation of the child.

Blue color in the interior of the hallway and corridor

Bright elements or a pale background in the hallway solve the main problems – lack of space and light. It seems that in such a corridor it is immediately easier to breathe, even if its width is almost several meters. Accents in such rooms are the most difficult to pick up so as not to overload, but the blue color will do the job perfectly.

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