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Black interior accessories: 15 budget finds in the most stylish color

Our selection includes stylish accents for every room for no more than 15$.

1. Bedsheets

Not everyone will dare to decorate the bedroom entirely in black, but you can add mystery to it with the help of bed linen. And if a plain black set seems uninteresting, take a closer look at linen that resembles black marble.

2. Floor lamp

A floor lamp is a stylish accessory for the bedroom, office, and living room. Due to the movable structure, it can be given any shape and the light can be directed in the desired direction. Thanks to its laconic appearance, it will fit into almost any interior style, but it will look especially interesting in the Scandinavian style and minimalism.

3. Posters

It is customary to talk about posters as an inexpensive and simple way to decorate an interior. But do not forget that behind each poster there is its own author and artist. These days, posters have become a full-fledged form of modern art, so there is no shame in decorating any interior with them.

4. Money box

A black piggy bank in the shape of Darth Vader would be an excellent fan art accessory. Suitable for both Star Wars fans and lovers of black accents in the interior.

5. Carpet

A large black rug will add a sense of depth to the floors and will be an interesting accent to a bright interior. But if you are not ready for such an experiment, take a closer look at small models. They can be placed in front of the bed or sofa in the living room, then they will not be noticeable. Well suited for an interior in a Scandinavian style or with a touch of loft. 

6. Vase

An unusual flower vase made of matte black glass with gold lettering is a great find for your living room. Suitable for dried flowers, such as cotton sprigs and lavender, or for a miniature wildflower bouquet. A composition of such vases, even empty ones, can be displayed on a coffee table or chest of drawers in the hallway.

6. Flower pots

An interesting flower pot will allow you to decorate all the plants in the same style and add black notes to the interior. Its unusual shape will complement particularly discreet plants: succulents or cacti.

7. Book holder

A stylish addition to your bookshelf – Don Quixote and his faithful Sancho Panza. Suitable for both a child’s room and an office.

8. Coat hooks

It’s not easy to find interesting decor for a hallway, so this deer head coat hook can be a real highlight in your interior. Make sure to find a place where it is clearly visible and contrasts with a light wall.

9. Night light

An unusual way to add lighting to an area of ​​the house where outlets have not been thought through is a rechargeable LED night light that attaches to the wall. Its unusual shape will definitely attract attention and become an interesting addition to the interior.

10. Ball on string

An airy interior decoration can be hung above the dining table or next to the seating area. The result will be a noticeable but discreet black accent that will look especially interesting in a room in light colors.

11. Desk organizer

A stylish black desk organizer keeps everything close at hand without looking like the usual cups that you have to empty out before finding something at the bottom. It has a compartment for a wireless mouse and tablet, which will always keep your workspace in order.

12. Wall Clock

A clock can also look interesting, especially if it is a voluminous composition on your wall. To get a beautiful contrast, mount them on a light, plain wall.

13. Cushion

Add a black touch to your living room with black sofa cushions. Plain black or with interesting patterns and inscriptions will be especially noticeable on a sofa with upholstery in light colors.

14. Frame

A laconic black metal photo frame for a bedside table or a shelf in the living room. Despite the fact that it is made of metal, it looks airy and light, drawing attention to the image inside.

15. Glasses

Elegant black glass glasses will look equally cool on a shelf on a sideboard or on a table. Black lovers will definitely enjoy drinking from this beauty.

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