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Bedroom Interior: 27 fashionable options in different styles

Bedroom in a modern style or in Provence style? To avoid the hassle of choosing a design, get inspired by these trending ideas for decorating the most private room at home.

1. Scandinavian style bedroom

Scandinavian style has been one of the most fashionable in the last couple of years, and we can safely predict its success in the future. Two main advantages explain its popularity: comfort and relative budget. A Scandinavian bedroom can be created with a small budget for renovations and accessories.

The characteristics of the “northern” interior are a lot of light, pastel shades, green plants, geometricity, and simplicity. Furniture should be made of wood, natural or artificial, with the addition of soft fabric upholstery or forged elements. 

2. Classic style bedroom

Classics are always relevant. Most middle-aged people choose this option, since it is quite conservative, despite the fact that the main association with it is pomp. Classics can be different, just choose the appropriate furniture and exquisite accessories – the bedroom will already be cozy and elegant. 

3. Interior in Art Nouveau style

Modern always corresponds to fashion trends, it is a fairly flexible style, always relevant. A modern bedroom with a modern interior is made in pastel colors (gray, brown, blue, and their shades), and furniture is chosen with smooth lines – this gives harmony to the space, which is very important for the comfort of the bedroom. 

4. Minimalist bedroom

In recent years, the desire for minimalism has become more and more observed – a bedroom in this style can turn out to be very comfortable since the absence of unnecessary details contributes to tranquility and the necessary coziness. Most often, designers choose monochromatic interiors: gray, white, brown, and blue shades. Minimalism can be very flexible – just change the textiles, and the room can sparkle in a new way. 

5. High-tech bedroom

High-tech style always means advanced technologies and technical achievements. Remote-controlled blinds, various lighting options, and ergonomic furniture. Those who do not like unnecessary movements and want to see their bedroom as equipped as possible for relaxation will choose high-tech.

6. Modern-style bedroom

Since the concept of “modern” is quite broad, this style is constantly changing. Today, a modern bedroom is in harmony with moderate colors and cozy textiles. 

7. Country bedroom interior

Country style implies maximum coziness and comfort. Many people choose it for the bedroom; designers also love this style, since it is quite diverse, despite certain rules: an abundance of textiles, patterns in the form of flowers or cages, wood, artificially aged, decor in the form of paintings in wooden frames, living or artificial flowers in pots and vases.

8. Bedroom in loft style

Loft bedrooms have become very popular lately. Initially, the style does not imply the coziness that is important for this room, but with the help of thoughtful design, the room can become comfortable. Brick or concrete walls, wooden floors, leather furniture and minimalist textiles, warm colors, and plenty of light – and a loft-style bedroom will become your favorite room in the house. 

9. Eco-style in the bedroom interior

An eco-style bedroom will become a center of cleanliness and freshness in a dusty city. Only natural materials, green plants, and accessories, cotton and linen textiles – eco-interiors are gaining increasing popularity today. 

10. Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco is called a mixture of modernism and neoclassicism. It is distinguished by strict geometric shapes, design in halftones, luxury, and expensive modern materials (leather, aluminum, natural wood). Today, rarely does anyone make “pure” Art Deco; this requires a large budget. Therefore, most often in the bedroom interior, you can find elements of this style: in furniture, accessories, and wall decoration. For example, as in the case of the photo.

11. American bedroom style

An American-style room combines modernity and comfort. Most often, light colors are chosen for wall decoration, and contrast is played with furniture. Be sure to have bedside tables and shelves where it is convenient to put a book or put a glass of water, as well as a large number of pillows and a soft blanket. If space allows, a large wardrobe and an armchair will also look good in the interior. 

12. English interior

The so-called British Style has been formed since the Middle Ages, and, of course, has undergone changes over the centuries. An English-style bedroom is an “island” of comfort and tranquility; its obligatory attribute is a large bed with an unusual headboard: forged, wooden with carvings, and fabric, as in the photo. 

13. Bedroom in eclectic style

Eclecticism appeared in the 18th century, and the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning this style is a mixture of everything. Taste is the basis of eclecticism; in such an interior you can really combine a variety of objects with completely different histories, but you need a skillful hand. As a rule, the background is a neutral color: beige, light gray, and olive. An eclectic bedroom will appeal to lovers of experimentation, but when creating it, it is important to use styles that are close to each other.

14. Pop art in bedroom design

An atypical solution for a bedroom, but definitely fashionable. Typically, this style involves white walls and decorating them with bright posters and drawings. Pop art can be called a budget style since you don’t need to look for expensive furniture made from natural materials – you just need to show creativity and imagination. 

15. Bedroom interior in fusion style

The fusion style is considered by many to be a follower of eclecticism, but more modern. Just like its “parent”, in a fusion interior, you need to combine the incongruous – no boring frames or certainty. However, if in eclecticism this combination is historically dictated by circumstances and styles close to each other are often used, fusion is a deliberate departure from the framework. The main colors of this interior are green, crimson, gold, and turquoise: a “nuclear” mixture for the bedroom, but certainly interesting.

16. Mediterranean bedroom style

The key definition of the Mediterranean style is lightness, which is why it is perfect for the bedroom. The main colors of such an interior should be natural: white, yellow, blue, green, brown, and their shades. The furniture most often used is wood, classic brown, or whitewashed. The Mediterranean style mixes decorativeness and functionality, so no unnecessary items or accessories are usually needed. 

17. Interior in Provence style

“French Provence” – the name alone guarantees comfort and romance, so this style is very relevant for the bedroom. In order to create the desired interior, you need to follow a few simple rules: wooden furniture, pastel shades (you can use olive or lavender), plants (live, or dried bouquets), a lot of textiles, and softness. Candles and beautiful candelabra will add the necessary romance to the interior. 

18. Neoclassical bedroom

Non-classicism is good for those lovers of traditions who do not tolerate unnecessary pomp. This style will fit perfectly into a room of any size due to its restraint. You can use patterned wallpaper to decorate the walls but then choose more restrained furniture. In a modern neoclassical bedroom interior, a secretary and an exquisite dressing table made of natural wood with chairs look good; small pillows will add coziness. 

19. Vintage interior

Vintage is a broad style that can include elements of different ones and therefore look diverse. Depending on the time period chosen for the interior, you need to select furniture, accessories, and decorations. The only striking distinguishing feature is the oldness of things, but not antiquity. Items must function perfectly and serve their purpose – just look like they were purchased at least 50 years ago. 

20. Bedroom in functionalism style

A functionalist-style bedroom should be simple but modern. Each piece of furniture placed in a room must perform its assigned function, and it is advisable not to use unnecessary elements. Function is primary, not form – this is the basic principle of modern functionalism.

21. Urban bedroom interior

Urban means “urban”, and this defines the features of the style: functionality and practicality, furniture made of glass, metal, plastic, and wood, and clarity of lines. A bedroom in this style should be laconic, the wall decoration should be simple. It is also important to choose plain textiles. 

22. Eastern interior

East is a delicate matter. How many times have you heard this statement? Probably hundreds. But in creating an oriental bedroom interior you will have to show that same “subtlety”. Eastern style is divided into several substyles that are opposite to each other. If we are talking about Asia, then it is restrained minimalism, and if we are talking about the Middle East, it is chic and luxurious, with an abundance of fabrics and gold. The choice is yours. 

23. Shabby chic bedroom

Many designers will say that shabby chic is a feminine style. There really is logic in the statement, because it implies tenderness, light shades of furniture and accessories, pink color, and exquisite interior items (for example, carved candelabra) – in general, a real paradise for girls.

24. Bedroom in contemporary style

Contemporary is all about comfort. For an interior in this style, you don’t need to buy an abundance of decor and furniture, or look for antique things – just simple and comfortable furniture made of wood (natural or artificial), eye-pleasing shades, and textiles that are associated with comfort. 

25. Bedroom in Greek style

Greece is the standard of taste and beauty, even the ancient inhabitants believed so. Today, of course, the Greek style is not always antiquity and pomp. It assumes white walls, preferably finished with decorative plaster so that the relief is noticeable. Wooden furniture and decor with ornaments will complement a truly modern Greek bedroom. 

26. Interior in rustic style

A rustic-style bedroom is ideal for lovers of natural materials in their natural beauty and carelessness. If it’s wood, it’s with natural chips and patterns; if it’s stone, it’s not of an ideal natural shape. Rustic literally means “rustic”; it will fit perfectly into the bedroom of a country cottage or small summer house. 

27. Romantic style bedroom

Romanticism is a style that will adequately complete our article on fashionable bedroom interiors. After all, this room for most suggests a romantic mood, airiness, and lightness. The main materials will be wood (most often walnut, as it has a natural light shade), ceramics, and natural fabrics. A bedroom in the romantic style must have dim light but in pastel shades. 

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