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Beautiful kitchens: the best design novelties 2023 and 150 photo ideas for decoration

Every housewife dreams of a beautiful and practical kitchen. They want to come to a room that breathes cleanliness, and comfort, in which all the elements are harmoniously combined with each other. Today it is very easy to create such a kitchen.

Style for a beautiful kitchen

Increasingly, modern housewives prefer high-tech style or minimalism instead of classics or modern. Partly because the latter is more suitable for spacious rooms, while the former does not rely on the area.

High-tech in the kitchen

It is based on practicality bordering on minimalism, simplicity, and conciseness of lines. High-tech prefers clear contours, gloss, glass, and metal. However, his palette is light and warm. Such a kitchen is perfectly complemented by modern appliances.

Scandinavian style of cuisine

Another popular style is based on comfort and convenience. Scandi style is an abundance of white, light and dark gray, black strokes, and bright elements. Of the materials, wood, ceramics, and glass are suitable for him.

One of the varieties of the Scandinavian style – hygge – is distinguished by a mass of textiles. Danish hygge is close to warm blankets, soft sofa cushions, fluffy blankets, and long plain curtains. The Danes themselves very easily refresh the interior by simply changing blankets and pillows from one color and print to another.

Ethno-style in the kitchen

In recent years, the exotic and original style has found more and more adherents. Such an interior is filled with details characteristic of other peoples and countries. Japanese, Mediterranean, English, and other styles become the basis for ethnicity.

But this style is quite difficult to create and maintain because many accessories and furniture must be made to order.

Kitchen loft

It will be an ideal choice for a studio apartment. Especially with high ceilings and huge windows. The loft has a minimum of finishing. Raw concrete, brickwork, visible communications. But it has a certain charm. The style is suitable for creative individuals and lovers of experiments.

Decorated walls in the kitchen

To make the kitchen unique and memorable, decorative details are introduced during the repair process. So for one of the walls, you can choose an original mosaic depicting vegetables, fruits, berries, or flowers. Based on the style, various patterns and motifs are suitable.

The accent wall can be pasted over with wallpaper with drawings. Vegetation, silhouettes of butterflies, and smooth lines will fit into almost any style. To make the walls look unobtrusive, wallpaper can be replaced with decorative plaster.

The easiest way to decorate a kitchen is with vinyl stickers and stencils. With their help, it is easy to transform the room and add a design note. Coffee beans and a steaming cup are considered classics of stencil drawings, but there are many other options: silhouettes, inscriptions, or vignettes.

How to decorate a kitchen: all about design

You can change the mood of the interior with the help of décor. It will turn out stylish, original, and not as expensive as updating the repair. Before you get to work, you should carefully consider the overall style of the kitchen. A room in the same range and design looks much more interesting.

There are several ways to transform a room:

  • For example, wooden open shelves are often assembled in compositions. Beautiful dishes, figurines, crafts, or flower pots are placed on top of the shelves. But even left empty, they will attract attention.
  • Painted cutting boards of different sizes. They are placed in prominent places, hung on the wall like a triptych, or stored in a special box-stand.
  • Original kitchen apron made of figured tiles or tempered glass. With a painting or print, mosaic or monochromatic, it will definitely complement the interior and protect the wall from splashes.
  • Storage containers. Transparent glass jars with sealed lids of different colors and sizes. Tin boxes. Baskets and bottles. All this is placed on shelves or attached to the wall. It is important that small details are designed in the same style, otherwise, the kitchen will turn out to be overloaded with accents.
  • Utensils. Kitchen utensils, neatly hung above the work area, are also part of the interior. They will look especially interesting on hooks and fasteners that are unusual in shape.
  • Live plants. Pots are placed on shelves or window sills. For curly flowers, you can create special supports. And on the dining table, a small vase with fragrant herbs or sprigs of dried flowers looks organic.

Kitchen Fashion Trends in 2023

The new rules for decorating the kitchen interior involve a mixture of styles. One is taken as a basis, adding elements of others to it.

The palette is predominantly white, with shades of red, purple, green, and gray. Contrasting combinations are also welcome. White with chocolate or black, beige with dark gray, and others. Those who are bored with the usual interior will like the acid shades of orange, blue, green, scarlet, and crimson.

But in addition to aesthetic aspects, it is important to remember about practical ones. The kitchen should be both beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, compact modules without handles are still in fashion.

Beautiful kitchen in the studio

It is especially difficult to choose the style and accessories for a small apartment. Too many shades or little things easily overload the room, making it uncomfortable. When equipping a kitchen in a studio, it is important to think about how to zone the room. Most often, different materials and colors are used for this, the room is divided with furniture.

One of the main cons of open-plan kitchens is smells. You need a particularly powerful hood and good ventilation, which will absorb the aromas of food.

In addition, it is necessary to clearly plan the storage system. Kitchens in studios are usually small, so it is important to use the free space to the maximum: kitchen modules placed as high as possible, narrow cabinets, and hanging systems.

Beautiful kitchen in a one-room apartment

When decorating a kitchen, you should understand what tasks it will solve in the first place. If it becomes only a place for cooking, you need to think over a practical design. If, in addition to cooking in the kitchen, they will dine and meet guests, then its interior should be conducive to long gatherings with friends. In such a kitchen, a bar counter with a storage area at the bottom will not be superfluous.

The most rational arrangement of the kitchen set in a small kitchen is L-shaped, and linear. With an L-shaped layout, the window sill can also be used. A countertop is placed on it, and a stove and refrigerator are installed next to it.

Kitchen-dining room

A similar layout is found in private houses and city apartments. In the kitchen-dining room, it is easier to organize a holiday or a feast, the interior looks more free and large-scale. Among the disadvantages of combining zones, cooking smells are distinguished. But as in the case of the kitchen in the studio, they can be eliminated.

Depending on the style of the room, the kitchen can be straight or island. Furniture for the kitchen group is wooden or plastic. But all elements must be in harmony with each other.

Kitchen on the loggia or balcony

This option is more common in apartments with a small area or not very convenient layout. The kitchen, in this case, is completely taken out to the loggia or combined with the room due to the demolition of the wall, full or partial.

When moving the kitchen to the balcony, you will need to draw up a package of documents and permission for redevelopment. Unlike a loggia, a balcony is a remote structure on which a certain weight load is possible. Based on these parameters, choose finishing materials and a kitchen set. Most often, the upper cabinets are replaced with open shelves.

Kitchen with sleeping place

In cases where the kitchen area allows a bed to be placed in it: a bed, an ottoman, a folding sofa, or an armchair. Sliding partitions, screens, or a podium will help separate the sleeping area from the working area.

When decorating a bedroom in the kitchen, it is important that it fits into the overall interior of the room in style and color. Designers advise using no more than 3-5 shades in repairs, then the room will be saturated, but not crowded.

Beautiful and comfortable lighting in the kitchen

To be in the kitchen was comfortable and cozy, you need to think about the artificial light system. The most successful option is local. Each area of the kitchen is illuminated in a certain way.

General or central lighting is represented by a chandelier or a system of lamps built into the ceiling. The functional area is illuminated by lamps built into the module and located above the tabletop.

In the dining area, the atmosphere is more relaxed and a group of lamps with warm light is usually placed above the table. This makes it easier for guests and family to tune in to any conversation.

Lighting is also placed inside the kitchen modules, but more for ease of use than for aesthetics. You can illuminate the cabinets yourself using an LED strip or by ordering such a service from the manufacturer of the kitchen.

You can decorate a beautiful kitchen with the help of a designer or on your own, creating a drawing and thinking through all the little things. To do this, you need to have artistic taste and sufficient “observation”. Natural fabrics will help to achieve cleanliness and lightness in the kitchen: cotton and linen. The interior will be complemented by original accessories and fresh flowers in pots.

Photos of beautiful kitchens

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