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Architect Jean Nouvel: Shanghai Exhibition and Paris Scandal

The Shanghai Power Station of Art presents Jean Nouvel’s first solo exhibition (b. 12.08.1945) in China. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the Cartier Foundation.

The exhibition entitled “Jean Nouvel, in my head, in my eyes …” transforms the showroom of the power plant into a space filled with light and shadow. Showcased here is a three-hour film directed by Jean Nouvel, as well as six pieces of art inspired by his architecture. The aim is to allow visitors to experience the thoughts and emotions of the French architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize and the Golden Lion.

The building of the Paris Philharmonic. 
Fragment of the facade. 
The work was to be completed in February 2012. 
The budget was exceeded by more than 200 million euros.

The exhibition begins against the backdrop of a massive scandal unfolding in Paris. He was fined 170.6 million euros due to the fact that the concert hall according to his project opened too late and with significant budget overruns.

According to the latest data, the construction cost the state 534.7 million euros.

The architect’s lawyers call this fine “unprecedented in the world of architecture” and “completely disproportionate.” They filed a counterclaim and argue that the fine of 170.6 million euros would be tantamount to the death sentence of Jean Nouvel’s architectural studio. The Paris Philharmonic opened two years later than planned, and the project was three times the original budget.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Qatar. 
Louvre Abu Dhabi. 

Jean Nouvel often mentions that the roles of an architect and a director are similar, and the design process is similar to filming. For his first exhibition in China, he fulfilled his “director’s dream.” His first film is three and a half hours long and showcases more than 100 projects by Jean Nouvel around the world.

Skyscraper 53W53 in New York. 
2007 –

In addition to the film, the exhibition features artwork inspired by six buildings representing Nouvel’s career, namely the Palais des Cultur and Congress Building in Lucerne, Tête Défense, Tour Sans Fins, Fondation Cartier building in Paris; the Galeries Lafayette department store in Berlin; glass tower 53W53 in New York.

The Artists’ Garden, Shandong. 

 • Jean Nouvel, in my head, in my eye… belonging…, Power Station of Art, Shanghai. From November 7, 2019 to March 1, 2020

Residential complex La Marseillese. 
Fondation Cartier. 

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