Apartment of Star Wars fan

Location: Moscow
Area: 176 Sq.m.
Rooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Ceiling Height: 3.9 m
Author: Geometrium

In a nutshell

The customers, a family with two children, wanted to keep the existing partitions in the apartment, but to make the interior modern, with a brutal finish and plenty of storage space.

The head of the family is fond of the Star Wars theme, so the designers had to add a collection of thematic figures, comics, and posters to the future interior.  


No redevelopment was done, only the living room and kitchen were combined and the doorways were slightly moved. The opening in the living room was raised to the ceiling. At the request of the apartment owners, a shower room was organized in the guest bathroom – this was done by reducing the thickness of the wall in the laundry room.

To support the client’s collection, the walls in the kitchen-living room and the parent’s bedroom were made in black and white. A silhouette of the central character of the first six Star Wars films, Darth Vader, was painted on the wall in the hallway. And a portrait of Princess Leia appeared on the bathroom wall. 

The Star Wars theme also influenced the nature of the decoration: the walls were partially decorated with plaster imitating concrete. The shower wall is decorated with porcelain stoneware tiles imitating concrete, in the bathroom – tiles with a geometric pattern. Light oak parquet was laid on the floor in all rooms. 

It was possible to organize the maximum number of storage systems in the apartment with the help of custom-made furniture.

“At the entrance, we placed a wardrobe that seems to hang in the air thanks to the illuminated shoe niche. Further in the hallway, there is a large wardrobe with a length of three meters, as well as a storage room for a stroller, ”the designers say.

An island and a storage column were placed in the dining area. To effectively present the Star Wars collection, a display rack with illuminated shelves was designed for them in the living room.

Clothes will be stored in a large walk-in closet with shelves to the ceiling. Since the height of the ceilings in the apartment is almost 4 meters, the dressing room is equipped with a special staircase.

In both nurseries, large cabinets were installed near the entrance, which provides storage space and levels the area of the rectangular rooms. For books and toys in the nursery, there are open and closed shelves and racks.

The project provides for a complex lighting scenario. General light is provided by built-in, profile, and surface-mounted luminaires. Various types of backlighting make the life of adults and children more convenient and safe.

So that the children did not have to look for their way to the bathroom or to the toilet in the dark, spots were built into the lower part of the walls in the corridor. The working area of ​​the kitchen is illuminated by lighting above the worktop and lamps in a niche above the island. Mirrors in the bathroom and toilet are also decorated with functional lighting.

Decorative light is used in the bedroom: an LED strip is built into the niche separating the white and black parts of the walls. In the living room, the lighting in the Star Wars toy rack fades into the lighting behind the TV, emphasizing the concrete texture. 

There is a lot of custom-made furniture in the project. There are replicas of items from the famous Danish brand BoConcept, as well as items from the IKEA store. 

To emphasize the height of the ceilings and the feeling of spaciousness, the designers did not overload the interior with decorative elements. The emphasis is on items collected by the customer and reflecting his passion for the space saga. There are not so many toys and posters for an apartment with an area of ​​176 meters, but enough to understand: a real collector lives here.

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