An airport will be built in Cambodia according to the project of Foster + Partners

A well-known architectural bureau has developed a project for an international airport in Phnom Penh, which will include a terminal building and a full-fledged town. When creating the concept, the Foster + Partners team relied primarily on the local tropical climate and natural features of the region. For example, the main building of the airport is crowned by a single roof, the design of which is based on a canopy of interconnected “trees” 36 meters high. In addition, the facility was designed by the studio to capture natural light to illuminate the entire terminal. Homage to local culture and architecture is reflected in the calm palette of materials and neutral shades of the interior. The architects paid great attention to landscape design in the project: thus, extensive green spaces of various types of trees and plants will appear outside and inside the airport. 

Images: Foster + Partners. 

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