AE Design: a small apartment for a charismatic girl

In a project for a bright charismatic girl, AE Design studio designers Ekaterina Tkachenko and Alisa Sivyakova had to face an unexpected obstacle. “White box was supposed to be a blank canvas for our ideas, but in practice the finish was outdated and its quality left much to be desired,” they say.

“We decided to go beyond the original design, redesigned the bathroom, and removed the door between the hallway and the kitchen-living room to open up the space. Fortunately, the customer fully supported us.”

The owner of the apartment is a modern energetic girl who works in consulting, travels a lot, and is fond of sports, dancing, and foreign languages. “Her wishes were “color, brilliance, and convenience.” Otherwise, we had no restrictions, except for a modest budget, ”Alice adds.

“In any interior, the right base is half the success. Therefore, we decided to replace the laminate with a parquet board, get rid of outdated doors in favor of white laconic openings with a contrasting frame, and replace the wallpaper with painting. For the walls and ceiling in the bedroom, we chose a deep blue with an accent wall next to the bed. And in the hallway, shades of soft gray-blue and warm orange peach appeared.

“They decided to leave the living room bright, but at the same time, they added a color blocking technique in the kitchen area, separating it from the common space. The bathroom used basic square tiles combined with a geometric print on the floor. In the hallway, behind the ball-shaped wall lamp, we painted a golden circle with spray paint. It was also applied to several other items in the apartment – furniture handles and other decorative elements. Such solutions always look impressive in budget projects.”

“It so happened that the end of the project coincided with a long business trip for the customer. When she had to leave, and she posted an ad for renting an apartment, tenants were found in a couple of days. The apartment was chosen by a family of graphic designers, which is especially nice.”

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