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A pile of summer clothes: where to put them away and how to store them?

A space organization expert explains how to properly pack and store clothes and shoes in a small apartment. Save our step-by-step instructions so as not to lose

Autumn has arrived, but summer clothes are still in plain sight and take up too much space. We asked a professional space organizer to tell us where to put away light shoes and clothes and how to make maximum space for warm clothes.

An important point: always sort out your things first, and then remove the clothes of your children and husband one by one. You can even do this on different days – due to the large volume of things, there is a risk of not finishing the job.

So let’s get started: collect things in one place and divide them into categories

For example, you can lay out all your summer clothes on the bed and then divide them into dresses, T-shirts, pants and shorts, skirts, and hats.

Carefully inspect each item

Check the condition of the clothes and think about whether you plan to wear them next season – it’s better to give them away right away or sell them so as not to take up space. And don’t forget to clean or wash your clothes before putting them away.

It is better to eliminate any defects before the item is sent for storage. Imagine how in the spring you take out clothes and immediately put them on for a walk. And don’t waste time fixing it!

Pack or hang on hangers

It is better to store dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses on hangers to avoid deformation. Hang all your summer clothes on the side of your closet that you don’t use every day. And don’t forget to put light-colored items in the covers so they won’t get dirty. 

Place things in a special box – small and shallow, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find the right thing. You can use organizers for each family member or put everything in one – if there are only a few things. This way you will save space.

Important rule: one thing – one hanger!

Don’t forget the labels

How to quickly find the thing you need? Sign it in the format: “summer, name.” For example: “Summer, son, 3 years old” (age can be indicated if you are leaving the older child’s things for the younger one). To clarify, you can add categories of things.

And about accessories

It is also better to put summer headdresses, scarves, and hats in one place.

Where to store clothing organizers?

On the shelves in the closet or on the mezzanine – there they definitely won’t bother you. If there is no space on the top shelves, look at what is stored there – perhaps these are old things that you no longer need.

If you can’t put your clothes upstairs, hide them under the bed or in under-bed drawers. By the way, the size of the organizers can be immediately selected based on the size of the shelves or drawers in which they will be stored.

Let all the organizers be in the same style and pastel shades – it will look neat.

What about shoes?

The scheme is approximately the same as with clothes: first, shoes need to be cleaned and defects eliminated. Then it can be stored in organizers with thick walls and bottoms. Life hack: if you cut out the partitions, they will fit shoes of any size.

Shoes can be hidden at the top or bottom of the closet, as well as under the bed. Or use the vertical storage method and attach some shelves to the wall (and save money and space).

And don’t forget to label the organizers and boxes or stick a photo of the pair inside them. This way you can quickly find your favorite shoes or sneakers in the spring.

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