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A perfectionist’s paradise: 12 perfectly equipped utility rooms

Our selection includes mini-laundries, dressing rooms, storage rooms, and utility rooms that will captivate with their organization.


1. Pantry done to perfection

Looking at these pictures, all lovers of order will certainly experience aesthetic pleasure. Of course: products are stored in convenient jars, baskets and containers. All of them have marks – stickers or tags with signatures. Canned goods, bottles and even rolls of paper towels stand in orderly rows.

A real inspiration for organizing storage in your own home.

2. Pantry with black walls

We are used to seeing small spaces decorated primarily in light colors. It is believed that this particular range visually expands the boundaries of the room. However, take a look at this small pantry: its walls were painted black, and it just added volume and added style.

The pantry room looks especially cozy and intimate thanks to wooden shelving : against a dark background, their texture looks even more expressive.

3. Pantry, changed after reorganization

This mini-pantry is a clear answer to the question of why you should choose stylish storage boxes and baskets. Take a look at the before and after pictures. A dramatic change, isn’t it?

4. Pantry built into the suite

In this interior, a pantry was installed in a closet, designing this space as a continuation of the suite. It turned out comfortable and stylish.

Utility rooms

1. Built-in utility closet

Haven’t figured out where to store rags, brushes, mops and a vacuum cleaner? An idea that can be implemented even in a small area is a utility closet covering the entire wall, up to the ceiling.

2. Freestanding wardrobe

If a built-in wardrobe doesn’t fit into your interior (or you can’t find a suitable place for it), a free-standing cabinet can replace the utility room.

Thoughtful walk-in closets

1. Dressing room for two

Look at how well-organized the storage is in this couple’s walk-in closet. The owners are lucky: their utility room has windows, but even without them the room would look neat and stylish. The secret is in the right content: young people took into account their own preferences in the wardrobe, planning the number of drawers, shelves and rails , which is why there was a place for everything and it was easy to maintain order.

2. Children’s dressing room

Many adults dream of having their own dressing room, but why not give your child the pleasure of having this utility room? Psychologists assure: independent choice of clothes will help develop a child’s sense of style, teach the baby to make decisions, and teach him order.

Home laundry

1. Mini laundry in a niche

If you think a home laundry room requires a ton of square footage, take a look at this example: Everything can fit in a niche behind the doors or in a built-in closet.

2. Laundry in the bathroom

Another example of a mini laundry room in a closet, this time in the bathroom. Convenient and aesthetically pleasing, right? If your bathroom cannot boast of such spaciousness, you can think about remodeling: it is quite possible to enlarge the bathroom at the expense of the hallway, corridor or kitchen.

3. Mini laundry room with blue walls

A laundry room can be not only convenient, but also beautiful – this example proves to us. The deep blue color of the walls and pretty decor add charm and coziness to the utility room.

4. Simple and compact laundry room

And this option for organizing a mini-laundry is for those who want to place everything they need as compactly as possible, and at the same time hide equipment and household chemicals  behind the facades. By the way, such an option may well find its place in the hallway or fit into the interior of the kitchen.

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