A light installation in Bergamo: Objects of Common Interest

In Piazza della Libertà in Bergamo, a literal bright installation Lights On appeared. It was created specifically for this location by the Objects of Common Interest studio as part of the city program “Cultural Capital of Italy 2023”.

The history of Piazza della Liberta in Bergamo dates back to the 1930s, an imposing building with a colonnade – Casa della Liberta – originally conceived as the symbolic headquarters of the Fascist Party. The whole appearance of the square may not seem very friendly – its harsh architecture is combined with inaccessible elements. For example, the edges of the central fountain are too high for people to come into contact with water. Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trumpoukis, founders of the Objects of Common Interest, wanted to make the square more open, to turn it into a living environment that inspires and brings joy to those who visit there.

Lights On consists of three parts. The sinuous light element emerging from the facade of the building is assembled from large-scale models of “tubular” objects of common interest lamps. “The light activates the façade, it’s like a parasitic sculpture that connects each part of it to the environment,” says Petaloti. “Light is a celebration, a means that unites people in a very fundamental way.” Around the fountain appeared a stepped platform of recycled tires, decorated with illuminated gemstones from recycled resin. Seating from scraps of marble and recycled resin was also added.

“This is the most significant project we’ve worked on so far because of its scale and publicity,” says Eleni Petaloti. “For us, as experienced architects, it is very important to be able to activate a building with such a complex history.” The installation, based on the theme “Recycling/Reuse/Repair”, also emphasizes that it is possible to improve the city based on what it already has, drawing solutions from the past and cultural heritage.

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