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80 unusual kitchen design ideas in 2023

Modern kitchen design is an elegant combination of simplicity and practicality. Gilding, excesses, and flashy colors gave way to muted shades, noble matte texture, and minimalist solutions. We tell you how to easily choose a fashionable kitchen from a variety of styles and materials.

Fashion styles

The modern design of the kitchen combines external laconicism and thoughtful ergonomics. Elegant simplicity, straight thin lines, and laconic accents have returned to fashion. Furniture compositions in which these elements are present are elegant and comfortable, and it will not be difficult to choose a suitable kitchen. In 2023, the following styles are at the peak of trends: modern, neoclassical, Scandinavian, and minimalism.

Modern style

Kitchen in a modern style – a combination of discreet design and practicality of application. The modern style does not recognize a clear style framework, it combines the features of a variety of trends: minimalism, scandi, loft, high-tech, and neoclassicism. This is a unique new interior trend that allows you to design different from each other, very functional interiors. From each of its predecessors, the modern style in 2023 has taken the best to help create a cozy, beautiful interior for comfort and relaxation


Scandinavian style is one of the main kitchen trends of 2023. Scandi is based on a combination of white surfaces with light wooden elements. Cabinets in this northern style look airy-light, and elegant, they are very comfortable and functional.

An absolute taboo for the Scandinavian style is expensive luxury jewelry, bright colors, and gilding. Scandi is grace and seeming negligence. In the interior of the kitchen, such “imperfection” is very practical: even a small mess created during cooking does not spoil the situation.

The concept of “northern design” combines restraint, loyalty to traditions, and a reverent attitude to nature. Textured surfaces, fabrics of muted shades, natural light – all this makes the interior warm and lively. The surrounding space is easy to change, periodically rearranging furniture, experimenting with textiles, and adding interesting accents, such as an unusual lamp, an author’s vase, a panel on the wall, or a cozy blanket.


Trendy kitchens in 2023 look very concise and stylish. Their sign is the purity of lines and the absence of unnecessary details. Even the handles are integrated and become an organic part of straight, smooth facades. By saving space on the décor, the maximum amount of free space for life is achieved.

The change of the fashion vector to minimalism is dictated by life itself. The most valuable thing we have is time, and it takes a lot to clean carved cornices and decorative elements. The simplicity of the façade means the ease of cleaning and much more free hours for your favorite activities.

One of the important features of the layout of a fashionable kitchen in the style of minimalism is the right lighting, which further visually expands the space. Different areas of the kitchen are equipped with separate lighting fixtures: spotlights above the dining group, LED lights in the work area, and decorative and functional lighting in the storage area. Lighting dispersion is a trend in 2023. It is important that diffused soft lighting turns the kitchen into a cozy chamber space in the evenings.


Supporting the fashion of 2023 for the practicality of use, Neoclassicism combines straight facades and the characteristic relief of the classical style with modern and functional solutions: well-thought-out storage systems, high-tech equipment, and bright elements. This mix helps the kitchen look fresh and stylish.

Neoclassicism is characterized by:

  • Uniform color scheme
  • lack of bright knocking out details,
  • materials imitating natural,
  • High-quality fill lighting.

Accents of novelty in neoclassicism are usually functional: glass hobs, modern chrome-plated faucets, and the latest generation of equipment.

Trendy colors

The fashionable color of the kitchen-2023 is muted and very natural. Catchy shades have gone out of fashion, giving way to pastel colors in the interior. Designers’ trends were headed by gray, white, and beige kitchens with light unobtrusive accents. The calm shades of the facades are continued in the upholstery of the chairs in the dining area, the upholstery of the sofa in the living area, wall panels, and aprons.

Pastel colors

Fashionable kitchen furniture this year can be multi-colored: green, blue, and pink. It is only important to choose not bright clean, but muted pastel shades of colors. Delicate pastels visually expand the space. Even more light and space will be given to such a kitchen by white or very light walls. And if you want to make the kitchen chamber, you can choose a contrasting tone for the walls, for example, velvety gray.

Pastel shades can be used in a variety of interior styles. For example:

  • for a kitchen in the style of Scandi, the facades are not snow-white, but a warm shade of baked milk;
  • loft-style cabinets with light facades do not look as monumental as with dark ones, the kitchen turns out to be light and not overloaded with details;
  • Furniture in a modern style looks great in muted shades of blue, green, and terracotta.

Pastel-colored furniture looks good under both natural and artificial lighting. Its appearance and texture are emphasized by diffused white light and additional LED illumination of individual zones.

Natural shades

The key trends in the palette of 2023 are the calm colors of nature: brown, green, terracotta, blue, and wine. The color of the kitchen evokes thoughts of sea waves, sky blue, natural shades of foliage, bark, burnt clay, and sand. The motto of modernity is no flashy brightness, everything natural and soothingly muted is in fashion.

Woody shades

Another trend in 2023 is wood colors and wood imitation in kitchen furniture. Such elements are especially relevant for kitchens in the Scandinavian style, where they are considered a standard addition to the interior. The details of the wood-colored façade look no less stylish in strict minimalism, and the solutions in which the shades of wood are dominant are interesting.

Wood and its imitation in the interior of the kitchen supports the general trend for natural materials in design. Therefore, adding an oak or walnut countertop will not be superfluous when designing a fashionable modern kitchen. Eco-friendly décor, such as live houseplants, will help to beat it even more.

With special care, it is worth approaching the issue of designing a kitchen if you plan to combine two different wood textures in one interior. It’s as difficult as befriending a zebra with a leopard. Even for designers, the task can be challenging. But the combination of wood with white or black details, plain matte surfaces, and imitation of stone, concrete, or oxidized metal will be guaranteed to be flawless.

Gray tones

Gray is one of the most advantageous options for stylish kitchen design in 2023. Smoky colors are perfectly combined with almost any of the trendy styles: restrained minimalism, strict neoclassicism, and functional modern style look noble in gray tones.

Much depends on the intensity of the shade. Even the same kitchen design project can look different in dark gray and very light gray options. The light gray kitchen feels comfortable for most people, regardless of taste, and the color itself goes well with almost any trendy color this year. Darker options give the kitchen an atmosphere of rigor and solidity but are more suitable for spacious rooms.

Beige color

One of the trending colors of the 2023 design is neutral beige. This basic color can be easily combined with pastel shades of other colors and with any style of furniture. Beige is a very multifaceted color, it varies from delicate powdery tones to rich caramel shades close to brown. And even without going beyond one beige color, you can create many different non-boring options for fashionable cuisine in 2023.

The advantage of a beige kitchen is a warm, cozy, psychologically comfortable atmosphere created by this color. In any light, the beige room evokes a sense of peace and is well suited for cooking and for pleasant family gatherings over dinner.

White & Black

Black and white facades are a timeless solution. Such furniture looks very impressive. By changing the proportions of black and white, you can get completely different kitchens. The combination in equal proportions allows you to develop an original kitchen and create a visual zoning of the space. If there are more white elements, the room becomes more spacious and bright, and if dark facades predominate, more austere and solid.

White cabinets look great in the Scandinavian, Provence style, and classic, in a modern style. And so that an excess of white does not create the feeling of a hospital, you can complement snow-white cabinets with a contrasting countertop and bright accents.

The black kitchen looks luxurious, respectable, and unusual. In this color, you can implement almost any style: modern, loft, high-tech, classic, and neoclassical. It does not combine totally black only with the Scandi style. This solution is not suitable for small rooms. And regardless of the area of the kitchen, in such an environment you should not save on lighting so that the kitchen does not turn into a cave.

A laconic black and white cabinets will look very stylish and modern. In order to make such an interior more expressive, a couple of bright accent details will be enough – for example, thoughtful landscaping.

Fashionable materials and textures

Modern materials, from which practical and durable facades, cabinets, and countertops are made, allow everyone to choose a beautiful and stylish option that corresponds to the wishes, habits, and ideas about the beauty of their future owner. Here are the design trends you should pay attention to.

Matte surfaces

The novelty of the interior in 2023 is the matte surfaces of the facades, which give the interior nobility and status. Therefore, acrylic and MDF, pasted over with plastic, temporarily fade into the background. Matte facades are easier to care for, they do not leave fingerprints and stains. They retain their appearance for a long time and are perfectly combined with other materials.

The absence of glare in the kitchen is achieved by painting the facades with matte paint and using frosted glass for the manufacture of facades and stained-glass windows. This solution is appropriate in the kitchen in any style, turning the set into an excellent background for catchy accents.

Imitations of materials

Among the fashionable textures for facades in 2023 are imitations of a wide variety of natural and man-made materials:

  • wood, burnt wood
  • concrete and cement,
  • tweed fabric,
  • flax matting,
  • oxidized metal,
  • Anthracite
  • natural stone: marble, granite
  • Ceramics.

The surface can be made of almost any modern material – compact board, chipboard, veneered MDF, plastic. Textures and colors imitating fabric are a novelty of the 2022-2023 season, such facades are well complemented by matte ones, especially in loft-style solutions and in a modern-style kitchen.

Details and décor

As one of the accents in the laconic design, you can use one of the walls painted in a contrasting overall range. Often, built-in furniture of a darker color or a contrasting finish of the area above the work surface is used to create contrast.

Fashionable apron

When deciding which apron to make in a trendy kitchen in 2023, you should pay attention to the tiles. It can be monochromatic, textured, with geometric patterns. Wall panels can emphasize the overall range of the cabinets or, on the contrary, stand out from the general neutral background with a bright accent.

A fashionable feature of kitchen design in 2023 is the countertop and apron, made in a single solution and one material. Important: to design such a structure, the walls must be perfectly flat. The unity of the countertop and wall cladding looks most organically in artificial stone, quartz agglomerate, and water-resistant compact plate. An apron made of the same material as the countertop harmoniously complements the overall design and gives the kitchen an expensive, solid appearance.

An unusual and bold choice is to install a narrow, 30-40 cm, apron above the cooking area. This is not only stylish, but also a cost-effective solution, but it requires more frequent cleaning of surfaces during operation.


Furniture that changes its profile depending on the situation and tasks is a key international design trend in 2023. It is a progressive solution available in styles such as modern, loft, or minimalism. Such a transforming kitchen, which helps to clearly zone the space, is ideal for a kitchen living room or a small studio.

Bar & Island

The 2023 kitchen bar is a modern and practical detail. The rack can be freestanding or integrated into the island. In this case, it becomes an additional place for a quick breakfast, serving dinner, or a work surface for cutting and cutting food.

The island can combine several functions at once: serve as a dining area, work surface, and storage area. When planning a kitchen at the renovation stage, you can think in advance about the possibility of transferring the sink and hob to the island, equip it with a hanging hood, and turn it into the logical center of the entire room. Such a solution can be seen in minimalist kitchens and classic sets.

Dining group

The zoning of the kitchen, combined with the living room or dining room, is always very clear. In spacious rooms, this allows you to organize a dining area – a free-standing table and chairs.

Depending on the chosen style, the size of the room, and the habits of its inhabitants, the table can be round or rectangular. Ideally, if the surface of the table echoes the details in other areas, for example, it is made of the same material as the wall apron, or the countertop, or be the same color as the facades of the kitchen cabinets.

Mezzanine storage

Very high, ceiling-like, facades intended for storage are a trend that does not give up its position in 2023. The kitchen ceases to be only a household room with a clearly defined cooking function. This is a place to live, in which there should be a place for storing things, for collections, for supplies for the winter, and for working materials. Mezzanine cabinets in the upper tier of the kitchen set help to competently use every centimeter of space, this is not only fashionable but also a very practical solution for small apartments.

Decorative accents

Stylish Kitchen 2023 is not only beauty but also maximum practicality and functionality. Today, the kitchen is a space that unites the whole family, where they spend a lot of time. And this means that all family members, young and old, should be comfortable and pleasant in this space.

Wall decoration. Plain walls are in trend, they can be painted with matte paint or pasted over with wallpaper in neutral tones. Any cabinets will look perfect in a room with white or very light walls. But this choice will not always be ideal, for example, for a family with small children: soiled light walls can be more of a minus than a plus. Another fashionable option is imitation brickwork. Natural red is ideal for a loft-style kitchen and minimalism, And painted white is a great backdrop for a Scandinavian-style kitchen.

Open storage. Open shelves or display cabinets with transparent glass inserts and lighting are a bright decorative accent that creates a mood of well-being and comfort in the kitchen. Such elements can be placed not only on the front of the cabinets but also, for example, at the end of the cabinet. So the surfaces in the kitchen are used with maximum benefit.

Corner sofa in the kitchen. In the modern free layout of apartments, more and more often the kitchen is combined with the living room, and in the studio – also with the work area and with the bedroom. In such combined spaces, the corner sofa becomes a very important detail that helps to separate the cooking area from the resting place. To this end, the corner sofa is placed not in the corner of the room, but in the center of the room.

Plants. In the hot atmosphere of the kitchen, fresh flowers in a vase feel uncomfortable. Therefore, indoor plants can become the only color accent in neutral spaces. Preference is given to unpretentious, easy to care for, and unusual. A fashionable and practical solution for environmental lovers is the organization of a smart home mini-garden in hydroponics. Spicy herbs, mint, as well as some varieties of vegetables are perfect for growing them in them. From indoor plants it is good Chlorophytum and coleus with colorful leaves, as well as medicinal aloe and succulents feel in the kitchen.

Window decoration. If the kitchen and walls are monochromatic, you can add fashionable novelties to the interior with the help of curtains with a geometric pattern. In interiors in the style of Scandi, white matte tulle is appropriate, which does not trap natural light. For a minimalist design, roller blinds or Roman curtains in light shades are suitable. But cascading lambrequins, ruffles, and voluminous folds are a thing of the past along with country-style interiors.

In 2023, designers recommend paying attention to calm interiors with strict lines and discreet muted colors. The trends included modern and Scandinavian styles. The décor appreciates minimalism and eye-catching solo accents. It can be quite difficult to develop an up-to-date design of kitchen furniture, taking into account the peculiarities of manufacturing, materials, and accessories, so it is better to seek advice from professionals. Experts will help not only to choose fashionable solutions but also to help with their implementation in practice.

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