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8 things for your home office that you can do yourself

Our selection will appeal to those who like to do things on their own and fill the interior with individual items. In addition, homemade accessories save your budget. 

1. Cardholder 

If you can’t force yourself to put your plastic store cards, or business cards in order, or use cards from several banks, this cardholder will be your salvation. And it’s easy to do it yourself. 

To do this, you will need a wooden block of a suitable shape and a hacksaw to cut holes for the cards. Ready!

2. Hanging pen and pencil holder

It is enough to make holes in beautiful glasses and hang them with ropes. A stylish accessory is ready that can really be made in 10 minutes. 

Life hack: if you don’t find a suitable rope, paint it – white always looks good. 

3. Improved bedside table 

An ordinary white cabinet on wheels from IKEA can be transformed with the help of stickers and paint. Choose a suitable stencil, stick it on the facade or tabletop – as you wish – and paint the drawer. Then remove the sticker. 

This idea will appeal to creative people, as well as children and teenagers who want to diversify a boring workplace. 

4. Garden mesh pinboard

Do you still have some mesh left after redoing the fence at your summerhouse? Although even if you don’t have any left, it’s not difficult to buy it in any construction supermarket. And make a stylish pinboard on which you can attach notes that are important in your work. 

5. Handmade calendar

If you have a suitable wooden box, make some hooks and paper notes in it. You will also need to make sheets with the corresponding numbers (from 0 to 9 2x times) and the same sheets with the names of the months. Attach them to the hooks and place the calendar on the table. Look how stylish it looks, it will definitely diversify the interior of your workplace. 

6. Repurposed paper and newspaper holder

If you have an old paper holder at your disposal, you can give it a makeover. Paint first and then use self-adhesive film. Or use the remains of old wallpaper in this way. The result is a stylish accessory that will cost you mere pennies. 

7. Organizer made of plywood 

If you have an unnecessary piece of plywood, transform it into a stylish organizer. To do this, you will need more material to make pockets: fabric or leather. Even a beginner can sew pockets – you just need to sew a few lines on the sides, bottom, and in the middle. Then you will need to glue the pockets with glue, make holes for the rope in the plywood, and hang them over the table. 

8. Shelf

The ladder shelf is one of the most fashionable variations of shelving. And its big advantage is that you can do it yourself. If you are a beginner, ask a friend to accompany you – this will make it easier to assemble a shelf from blocks. But in general, anyone who has at least once dealt with assembling furniture (even from IKEA) will be able to cope. Then the shelf can be painted in any color and used to store important small items, books, and documents. 

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