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8 inventions that make life easier for families with small children

We have compiled for you a list of useful household appliances, gadgets, and accessories that can significantly help moms and dads.

1. Furniture that grows with your child

Parents all over the world breathed a sigh of relief when children’s furniture manufacturers finally began to offer models that “grow” with their children. The simplest of them are capable of stretching out in length if necessary, and the most advanced ones can be transformed from an infant cradle into a crib for an older baby, and then even into a sofa or table and a couple of children’s chairs. 

2. Wallpaper for drawing

The ban on drawing on wallpaper is lifted: after all, there are special coloring wallpapers on which you not only can but also need to draw! Of course, you shouldn’t cover all the walls in your apartment with them, but this is a great idea for decorating an accent wall in a nursery.

Set aside a space for your little one where he can fully express his artistic talent – and you will protect the remaining walls (as well as tablecloths, upholstered furniture, and floors) from such manifestations.

3. Tablecloth for drawing

Another invention that parents of young artists will love is a washable tablecloth for drawing. Let your little one create masterpieces to his satisfaction, and then simply wash the tablecloth – and the marker marks will be gone!

4. Mat-bag for toys

An incredibly simple invention that elegantly and effectively solves the problem of children’s toys scattered around the room. When unfolded, the rug provides a cozy, warm place to play (often with a very stylish design), and when folded, it is a bag for storing toys. Moreover, the “transformation” is carried out with a slight movement of the hand!

5. Stoppers

Modern manufacturers are well aware that safety in a home with a small child is paramount. That is why they offer a lot of all kinds of plugs for sockets, nozzles for sharp corners, and various stoppers: for drawers, doors, cabinet doors, refrigerators, ovens, cabinets, etc.

This greatly simplifies the daily life of mothers and fathers, and most importantly, makes the interior much safer for the youngest members of the family.

6. Household robots

Electrical assistants that clean things up without your participation – what could be more desirable? Especially for families with children. Among the simplest and most affordable options to make life easier are a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot glass cleaner. The first will help with the daily maintenance of cleanliness in the apartment, and the second will do the job that many housewives simply don’t get around to doing – making the windows and mirrors sparkle.

7. Steam cleaner

Another household “lifesaver” is a steam cleaner. Many caring parents have already appreciated its beauty: the device significantly reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning difficult stains. In addition, the cleaning process occurs without the use of chemical detergents and cleaners, which, you see, is a huge plus, especially for families with children.

8. Bath stopper

Which baby bath should you choose? How not to make a mistake with the size? Where to store it and where to put it when the baby grows up? The answers to these questions do not bother parents at all who have chosen a simple and compact device – a limiter (separator) for the bathtub.

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