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7 quick tips on how to fix a cramped corridor

A narrow hallway causes a lot of problems for owners of studios and small apartments. To place everything you need without overloading an already cramped space, you need to be smart.

We have prepared for you seven simple and effective recommendations that will help make the corridor more comfortable.

1. No heavy furniture

Storing all your outerwear in the hallway is a big and very common mistake. It is better to leave only seasonal items there and hang them on hooks in several rows. Thus, there will be no need for a bulky closet.

2. Place for small change

Often there is simply nowhere to put a chest of drawers or a cabinet. In this case, you can hang a mini-shelf to put glasses, phone, keys and other small items on it.

3. Shoes in the closet

A pile of shoes placed on the floor will block the passage. Chests of drawers and overshoes will help organize shoes, boots and sneakers. Even a shoe rack that can fit up to eight pairs is suitable.

4. Multitasking furniture

The most ergonomic storage system for a small hallway is a banquette with additional drawers. It will allow you not only to put on your shoes comfortably, but also to store cleaning products, umbrellas and gloves, etc. in a safe place.

5. Free floor

A console table with high legs will help save space in the hallway. Under it you can put casual shoes, boxes with accessories and even a mini pouf.

6. Lighting

Its functionality directly depends on the lighting of the entrance group. The light should be uniform so that bright rays are not reflected in mirrors and do not blind the eyes. It is best to hang sconces and track systems on the wall.

7. Playing with reflections

You can make the hallway visually approximately twice as large with the help of mirrors. It is advisable to purchase one large but impact-resistant one, or a pair of portable floor ones.

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