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7 Proven Ways to Make a Dark Room Cozier

We are figuring out what to do with a space where it is constantly dark due to the climate or because the windows face north.

1. Choose the right palette

Scandinavian style is based on light colors for a reason. Northern countries have long winters and short daylight hours, so there is little natural light in houses and apartments. White walls, as well as light wood in the decoration of the floor and furniture, will help balance its disadvantages.

2. Add local lights

Often they try to solve the problem of lack of light in a dark room with a large number of spotlights. But one level of lighting is not enough, as there will still be uncomfortable dark corners. Therefore, be sure to place additional light sources around the room: floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps. Let there be a distance of 2-3 meters between them. It would be good if they were all at different heights to make the lighting look more voluminous. Candles are also great for adding coziness and soft light. If you don’t want to burn real ones, you can buy diode ones with a flickering effect, like real ones.

3. Direct the light onto the walls and ceiling

When adding additional light sources, it is important to control the direction of the lighting. In a dark corner, for example, it makes sense to place a floor lamp with a wide cylindrical lampshade so that the light flow goes not only down, but also up, to the ceiling and walls. It is also worth placing some of the lamps close to large furniture that casts a shadow.

4. Use lamps with warm light

Lamps with cool light are more reminiscent of daylight and appear brighter, but they do not add coziness. Leave these bulbs with a temperature of 4,500 K or more for the dressing table, kitchen countertops, and other areas where it is important to maintain natural color rendition. In other parts of the apartment, use warm light – about 3,000 K. 

5. Don’t put space near the window

In a dimly lit room, it is important to give the light from the window the opportunity to fill the space as much as possible and reach all corners. Therefore, try not to place large furniture such as cabinets close to the window. It is also better to abandon the shelving as a zoning tool  – the part of the room behind it will be completely dark.

6. Add mirrors and gloss

A technique that makes any space visually more pleasant and cozy is the sun’s rays reflected from mirror surfaces. Pay attention to where the light falls in the room during the day and add mirrors, and metal or glass decor to that area. All these glossy and reflective surfaces can also be placed next to the lamps – they will enhance the effect.

7. Hang light curtains

Window framing also plays an important visual role in a dimly lit room. Dark fabric absorbs light and makes the wall around the opening appear darker and gloomier. If it is important for you to be able to completely immerse the room in darkness (for example, while sleeping), choose light blackout curtains or complement regular curtains with roller curtains.

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