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7 gift ideas for a design lover

1. Functional art object

The functional art objects created by the Finnish artist Laura Itkonen will delight aesthetes – beauty lovers. Each dish is a unique handicraft made in the artist’s workshop in Helsinki, Finland. The dishes are supplemented with a platinum coating, which over time forms a natural patina. The dishes are safe to use for food storage, as their inside and lid are covered with food-friendly glaze. 

2. Lithologie whiskey cooling stones that will ensure the optimal alcohol temperature.

A person who likes gifts with a story will definitely appreciate the cooling stones of Lithologie whiskey. These are naturally occurring rocks dating back 940 million years and dating back to the time of the American continent, as evidenced by a certificate. Unlike ice water cubes, they do not need to be left overnight in the freezer, as they freeze within 30 minutes and retain cold perfectly. It is recommended to place 2-3 stones in one whiskey glass to create the optimal temperature without changing the taste. The Lithologie brand offers three different visually distinct types of stones that have the same properties in terms of freezing time and ability to retain cold. The set of whiskey cooling stones also includes a walnut wooden tray, which gives the gift a sophisticated character.

3. Combining the pleasant and the useful 

Those who value the practicality of the gift will appreciate the decorative kitchen accessories – moisture-absorbing shells Soil. They both look good and give a humorous accent to the kitchen interior, as well as protect dry food from moisture. Shells are made of diatomaceous earth and are excellent regulators of natural moisture in the containers in which they are placed. Shells are available in different shapes, as well as three different colors – white pink, and green.

4. Elegant Danish ceramic products

101 Copenhagen tableware collection Duck combines simplicity and sophistication in interesting design objects. The collection consists of vases, bowls and pots of different shapes, sizes and colors. All the objects in the collection are connected by unusually shaped legs, which give them a zoomorphic character. The wide range of the collection allows you to choose the most suitable design accessory for your taste and interior. 

5. Bauhaus lovers

Kristinadam has a graphic candlestick inspired by the Bauhaus school, which has been at the zenith of fame in recent years. It is made of steel, accentuating the graphic shape with a black, matte coating. The candlestick will suit any modern interior, bringing a distinctly geometric element. The shape of the candlestick is designed so that it can also be used as a self-sufficient decor. 

6. A different coffee machine

AnZa coffee machine is a good choice if you need to find a gift for a coffee and design lover in one person. This coffee machine is made of materials such as Corian, wood, brass, porcelain, and glass. Unusual combinations of materials will appeal to lovers of unique design, who are not afraid of natural patina but perceive it as beautiful proof that the material is alive. The AnZa coffee machine will not only make delicious coffee but will also serve as the main topic of conversation along with several cups of coffee.

7. Water tower on the table

bowl full of humor for a lover of architecture – the vessel water tower created by the American architect Denjel Libeskind, the vessel Alessi . Its shape is inspired by a classic water reservoir that can be seen on the roofs of New York. Did you know that some wooden towers in New York have been around for 90 years? This is a gift with a story.

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