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7 easy ways to update your interior at spring

Spring is a time of change and renewal. And the interior of the house is no exception. We tell you how to quickly and inexpensively revive the familiar environment in order to wake up from hibernation and feel the onset of the warm season.

If you want to feel the spring mood – start creating it at home. With the onset of sunny days, the interior, like nature, needs to be transformed. And for this it is not necessary to start a grand renovation. Properly selected decor, simple design techniques, new textiles, rearrangement of furniture and even regular cleaning will help to fill the space with life and freshness. We recommend adopting these ideas – they are suitable for any interior style and will help make your home truly springtime without repairs and unnecessary expenses.

Add bright accents

Forget about boring and restrained shades: choose the brightest you can find. Contrasting colors will not only make the interior more dynamic and deeper but will also visually divide the space into functional zones. Decorative cushions, a thin blanket, tea towels, a table lamp, bed linen, a pair of poufs, or furniture covers will become a spectacular accent. A dull plain floor can be transformed with a carpet of fresh spring colors or a stencil pattern, and the inner walls of open shelves can be covered with quick-drying paint, painted with markers or pasted over with foil with an unobtrusive floral or plant print. Spring home decor is easy to do with your own hands. If you don’t have any ideas that fit, check them out on Pinterest or Tumblr.


In spring, more than ever, we want to visually expand the space and give the interior more air. This can be achieved rearranging your interior. The reorganization of the interior space will not only allow you to look at the house in a new way but also make it more comfortable. Try moving the sofa and chairs away from the walls, moving them to the center of the room. This simple trick will make the room appear larger. Think in advance about how you can use the available space, and do not be afraid to experiment. To save time and effort, it is better to sketch on paper or in a special mobile app. And only then proceed to the rearrangement. Another way to update the decor is to zone the rooms with decorative partitions, movable screens, curtains, or furniture. For example, to create a cozy seating area, just move shelve.

Become a minimalist

Add new plants

Flowers will help to add bright colors and transform the interior, making it truly warm and lively. It is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. You can limit yourself to one cut tulip on a coffee table or arrange a small green island of potted plants. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy varieties that require complex and regular care. For busy people and novice florists, there are unpretentious flowers that are no less beautiful. Pay attention to spathiphyllum, echeveria, balsam, ficuses, or lithops. These plants tolerate dust, dryness, drafts, shade, and temperature extremes well. To complete the composition, pick up interesting designer vases or pots. On the kitchen windowsill, flower pots with spicy herbs – cilantro, basil, mint, parsley, or rosemary look spectacular. A nice bonus: fresh herbs will always be at your fingertips.

Let the sunshine in

After a long winter, the interior especially needs a lot of natural sunlight. First of all, it is worth replacing dense winter curtains with translucent and flowing fabrics. Light tulle, blinds, curtains made of cotton, linen, silk or organza are perfect for this. To get the most out of the light, free the window sills from unnecessary items and wash the windows thoroughly. Dusty glass is believed to absorb up to 30% of light. “Correct” curtain pole will help to make the apartment even sunnier. They should be at least 25 cm longer than the window opening on each side. Only in this case, the fabric can be collected so that it does not cover part of the window and does not reduce the amount of incoming light. To enhance the lighting, use a variety of shiny details: glossy figurines, crystal pendants, metal, and glass accessories.

Get rid of excess

Organize a spring cleaning and free up space of items that are not used, duplicated or badly worn out. Nothing helps to feel spring renewal like cleanliness and order around. In addition, psychologists claim that cluttered environments negatively affect our ability to concentrate, productivity, and relationships with loved ones. Start with one room or one zone. Even a small cleared area will give a feeling of lightness and freedom, but most importantly, it will save time on cleaning and greatly simplify maintaining order… Take a look at your collection of souvenirs and analyze which ones are most meaningful to you. It is convenient to make a list of unnecessary things in advance. If the item can be repaired, do it. If not, dispose of it without regrets. Better yet, recycle it or find a new use for it.

Pick up a spring scent

A comfortable apartment is made not only by things but also by smells. To breathe spring freshness into your interior, choose the right scent and decorate your home with scented candles, an aroma lamp, or a diffuser. The intensity of aromatization can be adjusted: the more sticks, the brighter it will be. Such a device will not only fill the room with a light, unobtrusive aroma but also become a stylish decor element. Please note that the selected scent should be in harmony with the interior and the season. For example, overly sweet and spicy notes are much more appropriate in winter. Win-win options for creating a spring mood are jasmine, bamboo, hyacinth, bergamot, figs, black currants, invigorating citrus fruits. And if you put cotton sachets with vanilla or lavender scent on the shelves with bed linen, the sheets will always be fresh and fragrant.

Hang a new painting

Another easy way to transform your home in spring is to decorate the walls. It is not at all necessary to re-glue the wallpaper or fiddle with paint. Vinyl decals, a new painting, an inspirational quote poster, a floral poster, a chalkboard can do the trick. In addition, this decor will make it easy to mask defects on the walls. An excellent decorative addition to the interior will be a mirror of unusual design. It will not only visually expand the space but also double the amount of natural light. To do this, just hang it in front of the window. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses – draw the picture yourself, hang pictures on clothespins, decorate the wall with a stencil or cut out a piece contrasting wallpaper, enclosing it in a frame. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk turning your home into an art gallery.

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