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7 cool interior ideas for a small bathroom

When planning the design of a small bathroom, it is important to take into account every little detail so that unnecessary details do not “eat up” the place. Leave here only what you really need, choose compact furniture and competent finishes.

1. Choose visually light furniture

Pay attention to models with simple shapes and a minimum amount of fittings and accessories. Try to do without a bath screen – curly legs in a vintage style will add lightness and will not clutter up the space.

2. Pay attention to finishing

Decorate your walls with a solid light or neutral shade, or choose large tiles. 

Bright accents can be made on one of the walls: by painting the farthest one in a dark color, you get the effect of depth. To make bathroom ceilings appear higher and the room more spacious, use tiles all over the wall to the ceiling.

3. Fill in the corners of the bathroom

Furniture or plumbing in the corner takes up less space than items along the wall. Expand the center of your bathroom with comfortable corner sinks, showers, whirlpools, shelving, or nightstands.

4. Choose hanging furniture and shelves

Plumbing and legless furniture make the room feel more spacious. Ditch the many closed cabinets under the sink and go for lightweight hanging shelves along the walls.

5. Use reflective surfaces

These can be shower partitions, mirrored cabinet doors, glass countertops, or sinks. Better to hang a large mirror on one of the walls. 

The mirror can be accentuated by surrounding it with bright lighting.

6. Consider storage systems

Use a ceiling-high shelf to store everything you need in your small bathroom. Decorate it in one of the wall niches and leave the shelves open or curtain them. 

A lightweight and practical design for a small bathroom – a rack-ladder: it does not take up much space, is mobile and spacious.

7. Paint the ceiling white

So the bathroom will visually appear taller. For the floor, it is better to use contrasting dark tiles.

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