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5 things that make it difficult to keep your home clean – they make the apartment look untidy

These interior details can let down even the cleanest housewives. That is why you need to either pay even more attention to these things or replace them with ergonomic options.

Modern interior design is aimed at making our everyday life easier. Some solutions allow you to forget about frequent and thorough cleaning. Whereas more classic details of apartment decoration make the house look untidy – and deprive it of functionality. 

Furniture with legs

It is quite problematic to vacuum and wash the floors under furniture with legs. This is why we often turn a blind eye to these areas – promising that we will definitely walk through them sometime later. Yeah of course!

To reduce the number of hard-to-reach areas in the apartment, it is better to choose hanging furniture. Or, on the contrary, furniture “on the floor” – this will also help to use storage space more intelligently.  

Low cabinets

When there is free space above the cabinets, it instantly becomes the main object of dust attraction. That is why it is better to give preference to built-in furniture. Moreover, this solution looks much more minimalistic than low cabinets!

Washing machine with recess

We rarely pay attention to the cleanliness of the washing machine. This is why an unprecedented amount of dust can accumulate on the door. 

Today it is more advisable to choose a washing machine with a more ergonomic flat door. She also looks stylish!

Standard keyboard 

An ordinary tall keyboard risks becoming the most untidy item in the apartment. Especially if you like to eat right at your computer desk. 

To avoid the hassle of cleaning keys, replace the accessory with a flat keyboard. By the way, working with it is much quieter and more pleasant!

Design solutions 

One of the most popular techniques in modern interior design is decorating walls with wooden beams. If you also like this technique, place the boards strictly vertically. Firstly, it visually lengthens the walls, which means it makes the space larger. Well, secondly, dust almost does not accumulate in such beams – unlike horizontal options that require daily maintenance.

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